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Site updates

PinSimDB has a new skin, new features and corrections

As there were some issues with the javascript menu (specially with Internet Explorer), we decided to remove it - in the same time, we were also not really happy with the previous design. So we changed the skin and the top menu / banner, hope you like it!

New features:

  • new theme
  • propose a table for deletion
  • more precise marks

Bug fixes:

  • javascript errors on IE (statistics, voting system)
  • probably some other

111 comment(s)

Merci Beaucoup pour tout ce travail!!

Published by Starlion on 2012-04-05 22:09:45

Merci pour ce super site et ton énorme investissement...

Published by fpala on 2012-09-24 21:14:57

Un véritable plaisir de retrouver des flippers, que l'on a, pour certains, à la maison, lorsque l'on est loin de chez soi. Chapeau bas pour tout ce travail et mille merci d'en faire profiter les autres.Laughing

Published by matral on 2013-10-02 20:18:35

I wanna see this themes.. If this suits my personality.<a href="">how to buy facebook likes</a>

Published by Jenee Melita on 2014-05-06 03:59:56

bravo et merci pour le beau travail fait sur ce site ainsi qu'a ceux et celles qui créent toutes ces tables

que du bonheur !!!   Smile

Published by fabfour on 2014-05-17 19:24:36

un gros merci pour les tables  que du bonheur de retrouvee les flipper que j ai jouee quand j etais jeune . un tres bon travaille  et tres belle qualite  long vie au flipper merci au site cordialement

Published by MICH62 on 2014-08-11 17:07:42

Its a good pinball site. 

Published by ghostmachine on 2014-12-01 10:06:43

Can't get any games to work...script errors...loaded under admin still problems

Published by coach on 2016-07-17 05:10:36

Of course there are other ways you can sue to find the router IP address but this is the best and most reliable one. Alternatively, you can always check the user’s manual or the sticker on the router but if someone has changed the default IP before, these are of no use. Also, you can use the Control Panel but we think that when we compare it with the Command Prompt method, it is way more complicated. 

Published by Gregusa on 2016-12-14 17:41:34

Yes Liking it as I like Online Shopping Cool

Published by Perviano on 2016-12-17 12:02:09

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