Published on 2017-10-18 21:38:30 in the Future Pinball category

Help on Installing "Future Pinball" and "Better Arcade Mode" (BAM)

This posting provides links to instructions on how to install Future Pinball and BAM.

I have written a guide on how to install Future Pinball here:

It is actually a 3 part guide.  The first part, named the "Basic Guide", tells how to install and set up Future Pinball.  The "Intermediate Guide" provides some instructions on how to tweak tables to help make them perform the way you want.  The final section is the "Expert Guide" that provides links on how to build tables and other advanced topics.  

I also wrote directions on how to install "Better Arcade Mode" (BAM) here:

BAM provides three basic functions. 1) it manages the different versions of physics 2) it allows you to change lighting on the table and 3) it allows you to change camera views. It also provides the means to install Future Pinball on Pinball Cabinets and use Virual Realituy Headsets.

Of course, everything is free for the end user.  You do need to set up some free user IDs and passwords for both this site and the GoPinball forum located here:

Please join the fun!


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