Published on 2018-06-14 13:46:11 in the General category

Please, Join Our Forum!

You are invited to join our forum and discuss all things related to Future Pinball and other things!

It is not well known that the GoPinball web site is the forum for PinSimDB.  Both the PinSimDB and GoPinball web sites are actually located on the same file server.  You do need to create a login to join the GoPinball forum but it is all free!  Most of us use the same user ID as the one we use on PinSimDB. 

Read all about new tables being developed, request new versions of BAM, read or write tutorials and tell us all about your pinball cabinet!  Feel free to discuss problems you are having with Future Pinball.

 Please click on the link below and join us!


Have fun!



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