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Robots Invasion 1.06 (DOFLinx)GeorgeH, Kevin Lee Drum, Major Frenchy, moogster66, Nash, polygame homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage 413212372020-06-16
Masters of the Universe 3.1
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, Gimli, Hyperion, rom, TerryRed81468657022020-05-05
Masters of the Universe 3.1 DOFLinx
#BAM #Cabinet #Custom Physics #DOFLinx
GeorgeH, Gimli, Hyperion, rom, TerryRed 10302932020-05-05
Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure Ultimate Enhanced
GeorgeH, Gimli, Gin, Glxb, Highlnder00, Miownkhan, SLAMT1LT homepage Williams (1993-08)832539072020-04-13
Tales of the Arabian Nights 1.7
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, smokeWilliams (1996)7276511332020-04-11
Robots Invasion 1.06
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, Kevin Lee Drum, moogster66, Nash, polygame homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage 11596918992020-02-18
Apollo 13 1.1francisco666, GeorgeH, romSega (1995-10)9607818862020-01-10
TX Sector 1.1
francisco666, GeorgeHGottlieb528436402019-12-17
Monster Bash 0.96flug, GeorgeH, Gimli, Gin, Glxb, krokofant, lettuce, moogster66, polygame homepage , shvmr, Whitey Weismann, WiredWorm, wtigerWilliams (1998-07)9482716872019-11-26
Creature from the Black Lagoon 2.3
#Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0
Blindpeser, francisco666, GeorgeH, Gibsmedat, Gimli, Miownkhan, Nitronimbus, Popotte homepage , tomasacoBally (1992-12)132448898492019-11-19
The Hungry Dead 1.3
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, ruckage10888917102019-10-23
Funhouse 1.14
#Custom Physics
DRAKKO, francisco666, GeorgeH, VanlionWilliams (1990-11)8924229532019-08-30
Jurassic Park, Rom and Slamt1lt Mods 1.4
#Custom Physics
francisco666, GeorgeH, polygame homepage , puma, rom, SLAMT1LT homepage Data East Pinball, Incorporated (1986-1994) (1993-06)11943331092019-08-20
DarkQuest 1.1
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, polygame homepage 743479352019-07-07
Total Recall 1.5
#BAM #Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0
GeorgeH, Gimli, Popotte homepage , Ravarcade, Whitey Weissman, Wild10882020612019-06-08
Independence Day 1.1francisco666, GeorgeH, smokeSega (1996-07)7683821932019-05-25
Slamt1lt's Collection: Phantom of the Opera ULTIMATE 1.04-3
#Custom Physics
DRAKKO, francisco666, GeorgeH, Gimli, Siggi, SLAMT1LT homepage , thorgeist, TitomartinezData East Pinball, Incorporated (1986-1994) (1990-01)141439243202019-02-27
Jupiter 1.1
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, Zobou6821213592019-02-15
Slamt1lt's Collection: Jaws ULTIMATE 1.05-3
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, Gimli, rom, SLAMT1LT homepage 6920235022019-01-16
Slamt1lt's Collection: Medieval Madness ULTIMATE 1.02-2
#Custom Physics
flug, francisco666, GeorgeH, SLAMT1LT homepage Williams (1997)111257832452018-12-15
Slamt1lt's Collection: Iron Man ULTIMATE 1.06-2
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, polygame homepage , rom, SLAMT1LT homepage , WildStern (2010)5947925302018-12-10
Turok Special Dinosaur Hunter 2.5
#BAM #Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0
franzleo homepage , GeorgeH, Gimli, Wild101273925212018-09-09
Bone Busters 1.1
#Custom Physics #FP Physics 2.7
GeorgeH, RLGottlieb (1989-08)10883322362018-05-10
Rygar - The Legendary Warrior 1.0
#BAM #Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0
franzleo homepage , GeorgeH, Ravarcade, Wild751238422018-03-07
The Walking Dead ProX 1.10
#Custom Physics #FP Physics 2.7
Aduke homepage , GeorgeH, RLStern (2014)182230272202018-02-23
Dragon's Keep (Maxis) 2.52
#Custom Physics
franzleo homepage , GeorgeH, WildAtari (1995-10-31)361827092018-02-13
Krull Evolution 1.0
#FP Physics 1.0
franzleo homepage , GeorgeH, Gin, Wild9638611432017-11-21
Tribute to the 80's: Warlock 1.0
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, Gimli, polygame homepage , Popotte homepage , Whitey Weissman5746911662017-03-16
Swords of Fury Custom Physics 1.3
#Custom Physics
Deedolith, GeorgeH, Malifica, Miownkhan, onlinechaos homepage Williams (1988-06)51064416602016-12-22
Gladiators 1.2 Custom Physics
#Custom Physics #LEDWiz
francisco666, GeorgeH, Miownkhan, thad, WildGottlieb (1993-11)102032224322016-11-29
Strange Science Custom Physics 1.1
#Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0
francisco666, GeorgeH, MiownkhanBally (1986-11)61014224362016-10-28
Indiana Jones Ultimatum:Path of Adventure 3.0
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, Gimli, Glxb, Highlnder00, SLAMT1LT homepage Williams (2012-04-10)131840650862016-09-08
Genesis Plus 1.6
#Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0
franzleo homepage , GeorgeH, GimliGottlieb (1986)2608512382016-09-03
Oblivion Custom Physics 1.2
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, jipar, kaiser47, Miownkhan6894113502016-04-14
ZedPinball 1.1: Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure Ultimatum 2.0
#Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0 #FP Physics 2.6 #FP Zedpinball
GeorgeH, Gimli, Glxb, Highlnder00, skinooe, SLAMT1LT homepage , Starac, UmpaWilliams (2012-04-10)102005950012016-04-10
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