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Eight Ball ULTRA 1.04Popotte homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage Bally (1977)6916924512013-08-13
KISS Platinum 1.02Popotte homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage Bally (1979)3920323442013-08-12
KISS 2.1
#FP Physics 1.0
martinB homepage , Popotte homepage Bally (1979)191700542142013-04-01
Big Spender 2000 3.1lacarril, polygame homepage , Popotte homepage 211521950772013-03-28
Grand Prix 1.20Popotte homepage Williams (1976-12)221017628612013-02-04
Spanish Eyes 1.10Popotte homepage Williams (1972)9756418012013-02-04
EM 'What ifs': Lunker 1.00manitouguy, Popotte homepage 8805314162012-09-17
Space Mission ULTRA Edition 1.02Denis, Popotte homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage Williams (1976)151266730492012-02-21
Doodle Bug Second Edition 1.20Popotte homepage Williams (1971)3739215422011-11-20
Doodle Bug First Edition 1.20Popotte homepage Williams (1971)658328042011-11-20
Surgical R1 2.0Greywolf, Pinballwzd, Popotte homepage 7795213732011-09-28
Playboy V1.30Mike Mills, Popotte homepage Bally (1978)181842463702011-09-26
Magnotron 1.10Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1974)10875919092011-09-26
World Fair 1.10Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1964)11892420662011-09-26
Sinbad 1.20Mick67, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1978-05)191181029082011-09-26
Full 1.10Popotte homepage Recreativos Franco (1977)6694113702011-09-26
8 Ball 1.00Popotte homepage Williams (1952)101060619072011-08-29
Tribute to the 80's: ASTROHITS RC2polygame homepage , Popotte homepage 191192923822011-07-01
Redline Rally [Hot Wheels] 1.2Grizz, Popotte homepage 8775212222011-05-11
Expo 1.0Popotte homepage Williams (1969)8866818522010-12-15
Teacher's Pet 1.00Popotte homepage Williams (1965)12809815862010-11-11
Rolling Stones 1.20Popotte homepage Bally (1980)151190532672010-11-02
Dealer's Choice 1.20Popotte homepage Williams (1974)12860716352010-10-13
Gulfstream 1.10Popotte homepage Williams (1973-05-24)14786015552010-09-20
K-On! 0.40masayume homepage , Popotte homepage 91301911592010-08-30
Kiss ULTRA Edition 1.1Popotte homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage Bally (1979)321624140812010-07-22
WorldTour 1.0.1Destruk, Nash, polygame homepage , Popotte homepage , ruckage201663033802010-03-23
Rocket III RC1Popotte homepage Bally (1967)8756814112010-03-08
King Pin 1.01Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1973)9916118372010-02-23
Ten Spot 1.00Popotte homepage Williams (1961)10951518062010-02-17
Sheriff RC1Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1971)11967820952009-10-20
Time Tunnel 1.00Popotte homepage Bally (1971)10941521072009-10-19
Gold Strike 2.00Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1975)7785416112009-09-22
Target Alpha 2.00Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1976)18888718942009-09-22
El Dorado V1.00Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1976)10838017802009-09-22
Big Indian 1.50Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1974)15977020552009-08-26
Space Mission 1.00Denis, Popotte homepage Williams (1976)191415918332009-05-11
Aloha 1.00Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1961)141126021392009-04-27
Star Jet 1.00Popotte homepage Bally (1963)11793117212009-03-25
Air Aces 1.00Popotte homepage Bally (1975)121231020902009-03-07
Surf Champ 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1976)8782117342009-02-21
Royal Flush 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1976)111030524252009-02-21
Big Indian 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1974)6800515312009-02-21
Card Whiz 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1976-05-20)11878420642009-02-21
Big Brave 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1974-06)10970120332009-02-21
Surfer 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1976-10-18)6745416102009-02-21
El Dorado 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1975)101070917402009-02-21
Spirit Of 76 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1975)8985120202009-02-21
Old Chicago 5.0Greywolf, Popotte homepage Bally (1976)7812316092009-02-21
Fast Draw 1.10Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1975)12937115842009-02-09
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