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1501-1550 / 1993 table(s)

Rolling Stones 1.20Popotte homepage Bally (1980)151178132412010-11-02
Blue Oyster Cult: Cowbell Edition 1.0cujopb853865642010-10-31
Flash Gordon HD 0.9.9szaBally (1980-05-13)201756847362010-10-28
Psycho Pinball: Wild West 1.00Jerry Winter, Sebek74, Slash2084Codemaster (1995)643531869852010-10-14
Dealer's Choice 1.20Popotte homepage Williams (1974)12852116262010-10-13
Mission Impossible 1.2Roney Pinball homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage 201598959862010-10-02
SAMURAI 1.0Sepeteus10873212842010-09-29
Dark Knight TTE : Toy Testing Environment RC3Glxb, Lord Hiryu, Moogster, Nash, polygame homepage Stern (2008-07-21)483394766112010-09-28
Gulfstream 1.10Popotte homepage Williams (1973-05-24)14777415512010-09-20
ConeHead 1.0Tii homepage 743425152010-09-17
Classic SciFi: Exiles To Glory 1.0Anthias homepage 358677482010-09-06
Square Head 1.0MargoniGottlieb (1963)4579412072010-09-06
Magnotron 1.0C.MoratoGottlieb (1974)452987752010-09-06
K-On! 0.40masayume homepage , Popotte homepage 91292111482010-08-30
One In A Hundred 1.0.0Pinbotic355905522010-08-24
Dr Robo 1.0Tii homepage 647926062010-08-20
GunSlinger 1.5Tii homepage 758186612010-08-19
Rocket Launch 1.0Tii homepage 643105602010-08-17
Subs 1.0Tii homepage 1045745822010-08-10
Astro Pilot 1.0Tii homepage 653887202010-08-10
The Lost Golden Tomb of Goldballs 1.9
#FP Physics 1.0
Neon Skeeball 1.0Pinbotic449096012010-07-26
Kiss ULTRA Edition 1.1Popotte homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage Bally (1979)321609640592010-07-22
Family Guy 0.5.0GlxbStern (2006)101054314522010-07-20
Firepower 1.1SLAMT1LT homepage Williams (1980)191263429382010-07-16
The War of the Worlds 1.0Roney Pinball homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage 221313423252010-07-15
Cirqus Voltaire 1.01victorkpmBally (1997-10)373167578082010-07-15
Epic Pinball: Super Android 1.1YEVINCEEpic MegaGames (1991-1999) (1993)664358792010-07-15
Aliens Pinball Legacy 1.0Destruk, Pinballwzd, polygame homepage , Tom Niwinski211052217252010-07-09
Iron Maiden 1.10dgs212542427592010-06-24
F-14 Tomcat 24IanWilliams (1987)231439125762010-06-23
Moon Spinner 1.3Tii homepage 860299142010-06-21
Weird Tales 1.0Tii homepage 555727792010-06-09
Labyrinth 1.0.1Pinbotic669467622010-06-07
Mars men 1.0Tii homepage 853716752010-06-02
Michigan Wolverines 1.0.0allsyop249966162010-05-27
Mothership 1.0Tii homepage 658628022010-05-24
Chicago Cubs 1.0.0allsyop350466292010-05-24
Monster 1.1Tii homepage 655327642010-05-20
Oblivion RC3Anthias homepage , Subzero770168542010-05-17
Boston Celtics 1.0.0allsyop, martinB homepage 661518422010-05-17
Boston Redsox 1.0.0allsyop, martinB homepage 249936112010-05-17
Ohio State Buckeyes 1.0.0allsyop, martinB homepage 355957192010-05-14
Star Wars Ultra Edition 1.2SLAMT1LT homepage 373357488042010-05-13
Silver Surfer 0.20.0sza231649839352010-05-10
Georgia Bulldogs 1.0.0allsyop, martinB homepage 547256262010-05-10
PPs first table beta 2ppsberlin1045524672010-05-02
Classic SciFi: Foundation Saga 1.0.0Anthias homepage 570219022010-04-30
Spy vs. Spy 6.2.6Rawd16870720242010-04-29
Bork Plasma 1.0Tii homepage 850516872010-04-29
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