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1601-1650 / 1993 table(s)

JACKPOT! 1.0kgage8801712932009-11-08
X1 1.2Tii homepage 755167062009-11-04
Crab People 1.0Tii homepage 753987442009-11-03
Mad Scientist - The Chemicals mod 2.41Alphabill, Mad MR Max141644919202009-11-02
Metal Slug 2.0PinWizKid homepage 6279214140032009-11-01
Classic Panic 1.0Mystman, polygame homepage 373806980702009-10-26
Steam Rally 1.0DizziDI465178252009-10-23
Sheriff RC1Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1971)10958520872009-10-20
Time Tunnel 1.00Popotte homepage Bally (1971)9932720992009-10-19
Pinball Dreams: Ignition 1.11light86, Sebek74, Skyrunner, Slash2084Digital Illusions CE (1988-2004) (1992)243078834112009-10-15
Classic Panic 0.91Mystman753115272009-10-11
Top Layered 1.0BBUUBBBBLLEESS641163952009-10-09
Speed Devils Special Edition 0.99LvR, Moog homepage , polygame homepage 283040669032009-10-08
Stadium Soccer Enhanced 1.0Tii homepage 547356182009-10-08
Blaster 1.1Tii homepage 754807982009-09-28
Sitar Funk Bar 1.1Tii homepage 346196422009-09-28
Powdered Toast Man 1.1Tii homepage 549686172009-09-28
Invader 1.1Tii homepage 552196972009-09-28
Xmas Tree 1.1Tii homepage 554848022009-09-28
W A S P 1.1Tii homepage 360418092009-09-28
Star Bitch 1.1Tii homepage 968958972009-09-28
Space Journey 1.2Tii homepage 748437062009-09-28
Space Dude 1.1Tii homepage 448066242009-09-28
Space Bastards 1.1Tii homepage 457018012009-09-28
OldTime SkeeBall 1.1Tii homepage 554228092009-09-28
Saucer 1.1Tii homepage 444766352009-09-28
Sam Peckinpah's Salad Days 1.1Tii homepage 552695382009-09-28
Robbox 1.1Tii homepage 4662411002009-09-28
PsychedelicSun 1.1Tii homepage 559138292009-09-28
One Eyed Monster 1.1Tii homepage 443115762009-09-28
Mommy, I'm Home 1.1Tii homepage 546655262009-09-28
Lava 1.2Tii homepage 853547472009-09-28
Insane Killer Clam 1.1Tii homepage 548476542009-09-28
Dark Robot 1.1Tii homepage 557047302009-09-28
I Luv Cheesy Poofs, You Luv Cheesy Poofs 1.1Tii homepage 653157122009-09-28
BoBo 1.2Tii homepage 550177312009-09-28
Astro 1.1Tii homepage 645336182009-09-28
Alien Trance 1.1Tii homepage 7722310792009-09-28
Plain and Simple 1.0BBUUBBBBLLEESS738462982009-09-28
Atomic Pinball 1.1Tii homepage 455898302009-09-28
Neon Spinner 1.1Tii homepage 848945652009-09-28
Ufo Joe 1.1Tii homepage 547586492009-09-28
Color Blast 1.1Tii homepage 546986422009-09-28
Asteroid 1.1Tii homepage 770948572009-09-28
Slick Chick 1.0MargoniGottlieb (1963)464669572009-09-25
Cyclone (with Ferris Wheel) 0.66bcentinex, jc144, Larsboy, Lio, PinWizKid homepage , polygame homepage Williams (1988)426037698932009-09-24
Gold Strike 2.00Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1975)6776216022009-09-22
Target Alpha 2.00Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1976)17880218892009-09-22
El Dorado V1.00Popotte homepage Gottlieb (1976)9829217742009-09-22
World Tour 1.0DizziDI350535762009-09-18
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