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Abacab 3.0mark1 homepage 14685811412018-01-09
Tweety 3.0
#FP Physics 1.0
mark1 homepage 9728315732018-01-09
I AM BATMAN! 1.0Tii homepage 331953852018-01-06
Ice Show (Gottlieb 1966) 2.0MargoniGottlieb (1966-03)330254632018-01-01
ROBO SANTA 1.3Tii homepage 432373242017-12-13
Dragon's Keep (Maxis) 2.50franzleo homepage , WildAtari (1995-10-31)852925582017-12-07
La belle et la Bête 1.03slun333133562017-12-03
initial D 1.25slun327923002017-12-03
Iron Maiden 1.0
Retro BashWilliams (2017-12-01)101000321432017-12-02
THE COMETTii homepage 633914232017-11-24
Oba Oba 1.0
#FP Physics 1.0
tio_italoFlipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics (1980)1352139262017-11-23
Grand Slam 1.01mcrowell75Gottlieb (1953)6883018542017-11-22
Krull Evolution 1.0
#FP Physics 1.0
franzleo homepage , GeorgeH, Gin, Wild9586510472017-11-21
Yoda 3.0mark1 homepage 10931820612017-11-20
FAT ALBERT 1.0Daz, Nitronimbus847167302017-11-12
Star Jammers 1.0Tii homepage 339023852017-11-04
Attack of the Giant Robot 1.0Tii homepage 733923832017-10-31
Dracula 1.0
#Custom Physics #FP Physics 2.6 #FP Physics 2.7
MiownkhanStern (1979-01)13635211442017-10-26
Monsters 1.0Tii homepage 839935032017-10-24
Planet Pluto 3.0mark1 homepage 8669212672017-10-16
Tron Legacy (Stern) (Ultimate): DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition 1.01
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.7
rom, SLAMT1LT homepage , TerryRed1816316842017-10-09
Supercar 1.0Tii homepage 538063562017-10-05
Avatar (Ultimate): DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.6
francisco666, Lacarill, SLAMT1LT homepage , TerryRed7784715212017-10-04
Wipeout: DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
#Cabinet #DOFLinx
DRAKKO, TerryRed 46566512017-09-28
RetroFlair: DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
#Cabinet #DOFLinx
rom, TerryRed 47506922017-09-28
Bootleg Pinball: 7 Grand Dad Pinball 2.0Enderloce_Peo64747453632017-09-25
Masters of the Universe: Mastered. DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.5
rom, TerryRed2878318312017-09-25
Gun Fight 1.0Tii homepage 332933642017-09-22
Megaman XO 1.0twentydegree439713832017-09-17
Rally 1.0
#FP Physics 1.0
tio_italoFlipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics (1980)20893817512017-09-06
Arizona (United - 1943) 1.780sVideoKidUnited Manufacturing Company (1942-1962) (1943)531603952017-09-05
Get Hitler 1.0
#FP Physics 2.6
Dark Star 1.0Tii homepage 334873602017-08-29
Harry Potter 1.0Nitronimbus, SLAMT1LT homepage 7695311532017-08-28
Tomorrowland 1.0mark1 homepage 245874722017-08-25
Zombies of the Stratosphere 1.0Tii homepage 533873002017-08-23
Mad Balls 1.0Tii homepage 747676272017-08-10
Roundabout 3.0mark1 homepage 657317892017-08-08
Elton 4.0mark1 homepage 5787616272017-08-08
Pinball Action 2.1
#FP Physics 1.0
sergiosalamanAtari (1985)13692512912017-08-03
Destroy All Humans 1.0Tii homepage 741825152017-07-23
Planet Robot 1.0Tii homepage 634893742017-07-23
Garfield 1.0Nitronimbus, Roney Pinball homepage 458108992017-07-07
Mandrake the Magician 1.1 MODDaz, Nitronimbus845197862017-07-06
Skull Rocker 1.0Tii homepage 637334762017-07-06
SHIELD 1.0Tii homepage 337464512017-06-28
Space Mutants 1.0Tii homepage 334894072017-06-28
Elvira And The Party Monsters High Quality Texture Fix CABTHEBOGUSKING4539316302017-06-24
Masters of the Universe: MASTERED Edition (Desktop Only)
#FP Physics 2.5
Hyperion, rom, TerryRed14781029462017-06-17
Masters of the Universe: MASTERED Edition (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.5
Hyperion, rom, TerryRed7633411262017-06-17
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