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351-400 / 1992 table(s)

Rally 1.0
#FP Physics 1.0
tio_italoFlipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics (1980)20996020002017-09-06
Arizona (United - 1943) 1.780sVideoKidUnited Manufacturing Company (1942-1962) (1943)536864622017-09-05
Get Hitler 1.0
#FP Physics 2.6
Dark Star 1.0Tii homepage 339494052017-08-29
Harry Potter 1.0Nitronimbus, SLAMT1LT homepage 9816713972017-08-28
Zombies of the Stratosphere 1.0Tii homepage 541943482017-08-23
Mad Balls 1.0Tii homepage 754397082017-08-10
Roundabout 3.0mark1 homepage 662308442017-08-08
Elton 4.0mark1 homepage 5844317112017-08-08
Pinball Action 2.1
#FP Physics 1.0
sergiosalamanAtari (1985)14769213992017-08-03
Destroy All Humans 1.0Tii homepage 747885802017-07-23
Planet Robot 1.0Tii homepage 639734192017-07-23
Garfield 1.0Nitronimbus, Roney Pinball homepage 4666710292017-07-07
Mandrake the Magician 1.1 MODDaz, Nitronimbus852429672017-07-06
Skull Rocker 1.0Tii homepage 642595162017-07-06
SHIELD 1.0Tii homepage 342784962017-06-28
Space Mutants 1.0Tii homepage 339944552017-06-28
Elvira And The Party Monsters High Quality Texture Fix CABTHEBOGUSKING4661620352017-06-24
Masters of the Universe: MASTERED Edition (Desktop Only)
#FP Physics 2.5
Hyperion, rom, TerryRed10913431752017-06-17
Masters of the Universe: MASTERED Edition (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.5
Hyperion, rom, TerryRed4756112822017-06-17
BATMAN REDO (in memory) 1.5Tii homepage 550137652017-06-13
The Phantom MOD 1.1Daz, Nitronimbus656498962017-06-12
Krusty 3.0mark1 homepage 234894332017-06-10
Pinky and the Brain (3.5)
#FP Physics 1.0
mark1 homepage 121227325512017-06-10
Destroyer 3.0
#FP Physics 1.0
mark1 homepage 91001922042017-06-10
StargateAll 3.0 Finaljosecabello549897352017-06-09
Dino Punk 1.0Tii homepage 433133282017-06-09
SUPERMAN 1.1Tii homepage 951786732017-06-01
Bally: Future Spa v1.1.5
Solune31Bally (1979-03)8727216382017-05-27
AIR HOCKEY 2.0Nitronimbus, Tii homepage 230802842017-05-24
#FP Physics 2.6 #FP Physics 2.7
SLAMT1LT homepage Stern (2013)412768386472017-05-15
Road Runner 1.1 fixed Nitronimbus, Roney Pinball homepage 3629512032017-05-13
Wipeout (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)
#Cabinet #DOFLinx
DRAKKO, rom, TerryRed160976932017-05-13
Blues Pills 1.0akahige854178582017-05-11
Johnny Nemo 1.0Tii homepage 641173942017-05-11
Wonder Woman Mod 1.1chaos, Nitronimbus7785713512017-05-07
StarLord 2 1.0Tii homepage 352186322017-05-05
Radio Planet 1.0Tii homepage 333493132017-05-01
Criterium TTL 1.0exegeta, roataguileFlipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics (1977-02-17)14766016442017-04-20
PINK FLOYD 2.0francisco666, Nitronimbus, SLAMT1LT homepage 111168625012017-04-20
Titan 1.0
#FP Physics 1.0
tio_italoFlipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics (1982)17965818742017-04-04
1979-80 Solid State Starter 1.01bjimdigris439202962017-04-03
Stars (Original) 5.0mark1 homepage 111048519902017-04-03
Animaniacs SE2mark1 homepage 91041023882017-04-03
Harlem Globetrotters modNitronimbus, Popotte homepage , rob046Bally (1979)5727615142017-03-29
Tribute to the 80's: Warlock 1.0
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, Gimli, polygame homepage , Popotte homepage , Whitey Weissman5797012142017-03-16
Star Trek Mirror Universe 1.1blue, Miownkhan, Popotte homepage Bally (2012-08-01)131150818542017-02-16
RetroFlair (p2.5) (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition) 1.0
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.5
rom, TerryRed4765811412017-02-13
Fire Action 1.0tio_italoFlipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics (1980)18782114392017-02-10
Bubble Bobble (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)
#Cabinet #DOFLinx
ruckage, TerryRed2771911182017-02-05
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