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Animaniacs SE2

Playfield SE2

by mark1 homepage at 2017-04-03

Harlem Globetrotters mod

Harlem Globetrotters Mod

by Nitronimbus, Popotte homepage , rob046at 2017-03-29

Bally (1979)

Dolly Parton mod

Dolly Parton mod

by klodo81, Nitronimbusat 2017-03-29

Bally (1979)

Creature from the Black Lagoon 1.3


by Blindpeser, francisco666, GeorgeH, Miownkhan, Popotte homepage , tomasacoat 2017-03-28

#Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0

Bally (1992-12)

Tribute to the 80's: Warlock 1.0


by GeorgeH, Gimli, polygame homepage , Popotte homepage , Whitey Weissmanat 2017-03-16

#Custom Physics

Star Trek Mirror Universe 1.1

Image: Playfield

by blue, Miownkhan, Popotte homepage at 2017-02-16

Stern (2012-08-01)

RetroFlair (p2.5) (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition) 1.0

Image: Playfield

by rom, TerryRedat 2017-02-13

#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.5

Fire Action 1.0

Image: Playfield

by tio_italoat 2017-02-10

Flipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics (1980)

Bubble Bobble (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)

Image: playfield

by ruckage, TerryRedat 2017-02-05

#Cabinet #DOFLinx

Strip Joker Poker (ULTIMATE 1.02) (p2.6) (DOFLinx)

Image: Playfield

by EDM, Gravy, Lio, Patrick, SLAMT1LT homepage , TerryRedat 2017-02-02

#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.6

Knight Rider (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition) 1.0


by rom, TerryRedat 2017-02-02

#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.5

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 3.0

Image: Playfield

by mark1 homepage at 2017-02-02

Disney Cartoons (1.0)


by mark1 homepage at 2017-02-02

Road Girls V1.0 Revised (Physics 2.7 DOFLinx) V1.0

Image: Playfield

by BlindMankind homepage , senseless (DOFLinx)at 2017-01-29

#DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.7

Jupiter beta

jupiter sceen

by Zobouat 2017-01-26

#FP Physics 2.6

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