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Medieval Madness: Medieval Madness (M-M 1.3.2) Mega-Multiball 1.3.2
#FP Physics 2.7
flug, francisco666, SLAMT1LT homepage Williams (1997)33221682017-10-19
Planet Pluto 3.0mark1 homepage 840109072017-10-16
Tron Legacy (Stern) (Ultimate): DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition 1.01
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.7
rom, SLAMT1LT homepage , TerryRed 5711132017-10-09
Supercar 1.0Tii homepage 5716792017-10-05
Avatar (Ultimate): DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.6
francisco666, Lacarill, SLAMT1LT homepage , TerryRed39431782017-10-04
Wipeout: DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
#Cabinet #DOFLinx
DRAKKO, TerryRed18711092017-09-28
RetroFlair: DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
#Cabinet #DOFLinx
rom, TerryRed1659962017-09-28
Star Wars Death Star Assault (Ultimate): DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition 1.04
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.7
SLAMT1LT homepage , TerryRed113312252017-09-26
Bootleg Pinball: 7 Grand Dad Pinball 2.0Enderloce_Peo6447901042017-09-25
Masters of the Universe: Mastered. DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.5
rom, TerryRed110032132017-09-25
Gun Fight 1.0Tii homepage 3668962017-09-22
Megaman XO 1.0twentydegree78851022017-09-17
Taito Rally 1.0
#FP Physics 1.0
tio_italoFlipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics (1980)1626915472017-09-06
Arizona (United - 1943) 1.780sVideoKidUnited Manufacturing Company (1942-1962) (1943)49261572017-09-05
Get Hitler 1.0
#FP Physics 2.6
Dark Star 1.0Tii homepage 211641372017-08-29
Harry Potter 1.0Nitronimbus, SLAMT1LT homepage 519313092017-08-28
Tomorrowland 1.0mark1 homepage 211131482017-08-25
Zombies of the Stratosphere 1.0Tii homepage 49201142017-08-23
Mad Balls 1.0Tii homepage 719372732017-08-10
Roundabout 3.0mark1 homepage 635185822017-08-08
Elton 4.0mark1 homepage 4525412792017-08-08
Pinball Action 2.1
#FP Physics 1.0
sergiosalamanAtari (1985)1241167772017-08-03
Destroy All Humans 1.0Tii homepage 616342302017-07-23
Planet Robot 1.0Tii homepage 711851652017-07-23
Garfield 1.0Nitronimbus, Roney Pinball homepage 423803822017-07-07
Mandrake the Magician 1.1 MODDaz, Nitronimbus715072782017-07-06
Skull Rocker 1.0Tii homepage 513902382017-07-06
Turok Special 1.5
#FP Physics 1.0
franzleo homepage , Gimli, Wild735217532017-07-04
SHIELD 1.0Tii homepage 315642132017-06-28
Space Mutants 1.0Tii homepage 312511792017-06-28
The Hungry Dead 1.1GeorgeH, ruckage419273252017-06-21
Masters of the Universe: MASTERED Edition (Desktop Only)
#FP Physics 2.5
Hyperion, rom, TerryRed933267782017-06-17
Masters of the Universe: MASTERED Edition (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)
#Cabinet #DOFLinx #FP Physics 2.5
Hyperion, rom, TerryRed322274372017-06-17
BATMAN REDO (in memory) 1.5Tii homepage 518412632017-06-13
The Phantom MOD 1.1Daz, Nitronimbus417733472017-06-12
Jupiter 1.0
#Custom Physics
GeorgeH, Zobou520003052017-06-10
Krusty 3.0mark1 homepage 29061642017-06-10
Pinky and the Brain (3.5)
#FP Physics 1.0
mark1 homepage 12904019552017-06-10
Destroyer 3.0
#FP Physics 1.0
mark1 homepage 9703017042017-06-10
StargateAll 3.0 Finaljosecabello313632302017-06-09
Dino Punk 1.0Tii homepage 27901202017-06-09
SUPERMAN 1.1Tii homepage 615162122017-06-01
Creature from the Black Lagoon 1.6
#Custom Physics #FP Physics 1.0
Blindpeser, francisco666, GeorgeH, Miownkhan, Popotte homepage , tomasacoBally (1992-12)12626522632017-05-28
Bally: Future Spa v1.1.5
AIR HOCKEY 2.0Nitronimbus, Tii homepage 2300322017-05-24
#FP Physics 2.6 #FP Physics 2.7
SLAMT1LT homepage Stern (2013)431914658682017-05-15
Road Runner 1.1 fixed Nitronimbus, Roney Pinball homepage 318393732017-05-13
Wipeout (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)
#Cabinet #DOFLinx
DRAKKO, rom, TerryRed 22203052017-05-13
Blues Pills 1.0akahige821774292017-05-11
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