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WINGS 2.0 WINGS 2.0 stats
WINGS (3.0) WINGS (3.0) stats
WINGS (3.0) WINGS (3.0) stats

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Pinball Mania on 2019-03-09
Table version : 3.0

Thank you so much mark1, for this Table !

(Sorry, my School-English is very bad, i am from Germany).

A wonderful Table from "Wings", one of my favourite Bands in my Life. Your Combination from Wings and this Pinball Table, makes me Happy :) 

police99 on 2015-02-08
Table version : 2.0

Merci !

LadyScarlett01 on 2015-02-08
Table version : 2.0

merci bien.

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WINGS 3.0 stats

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Wings (3.0), an original future pinball table,a tribute to Paul McCartney and Wings.

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