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DamonMark on 2021-01-16
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

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pewok34 on 2021-01-13
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

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nushra456 on 2021-01-12
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

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paul2 on 2021-01-03
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

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alexjamse on 2020-12-18
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

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WhoopiJoyner on 2018-08-14
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

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Sandor33 on 2013-03-21
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

Excelente la mesa retro!!!

rebooter on 2012-10-26
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

Olfella on 2012-10-25
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

I love this table Cool

Is there a list of the game tunes somewhere? I know they pop up but usually I am too into the game to read them..Laughing

A masterpiece.

CRAIG D on 2012-10-11
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

Best Of 2nd Edition

Like this a lot, good job there guy.


eric1 on 2012-09-15
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

seems simple at 1st view, but very fun to play, nice creation francisco, only one things is about multiballs folowing each other, you can keep ball on lauching place and continuing to play, it should be better in my point of view to enable multiball one after other in your script

An other idea, it to do other mods with musical theme, i imagine a pinball like this one with 80s or 90s disco songs, it should be very nice,


toyotaboy on 2012-09-03
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

didn't like the first version, this one is much improved.  Also didn't feel very deep at first, until I started racking up the lights, and realizing the music and sounds change.  It's almost as if the goal is to unlock the next nostalgic game sounds.  I like the "blood money" sound, very obscure.  This is now one of my new favorites, I just wonder if there's other things you could add to it?

skubyduu on 2012-05-26
Table version : 3.1b

A very good one 


BernieGeorge on 2012-03-05
Table version : 3.0

Better from version to version. Thank you.


brgljez on 2011-12-02
Table version : 0.5

great monument

HR14 on 2011-09-22
Table version : 0.5


police99 on 2011-09-19
Table version : 0.5


rcadefrk on 2011-09-13
Table version : 0.4

One of the top fp tables, awesome job rom, top notch!

Table detail

Retroflair Revisited Best of, 2nd Edition stats


-changed and added music,
-changed and added sounds,
-adapted volume of music and sound,
-changed lightning,
-added ornaments,

-Main gameplay remains the same: hit the ramps to lock the balls and to get to the multiball.

-Ball savers are activated by the left and right target banks.

-Extra ball for passing all inlanes and outlines once (4 green round lights).

-Upper playfield redesigned: 7 jackpot bumpers which score more the higher the ball gets.

The Jackpot bumpers:
During multiball, the bumpers value is raised dramatically (up to 2 million points per hit).
The value of the bumpers raises with the balls in play during multi ball.
So get for the bumpers during multiball. But don't forget to shoot the invaders too. ;)

-Faster gameplay (table slope is higher, slingshots are stronger, bumpers are bouncier,…)

-Changed the plunger system completely, because the ball drained very often after it was released on the old version.

-Better flashing effects.

-Added game room wall (untick render game room in the options, otherwise you won't see it)

-Have fun…….

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