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Laboule on 2016-12-11
Table version : 2.1

Pourquoi ne pas creer la table " tales from arabian night"????


You can create " tales from arabian night"???

Kaiowas on 2015-12-10
Table version : 2.1

My Antivirus tells me, that there is a virus in the bam-setup:  'TR/Spy.Agent.39936.16 (cloud)

granit on 2015-11-15
Table version : 2.1


Drax65 on 2015-11-12
Table version : 2.1

Wonderful table! What a masterpiece! It's a real pleasure to play this table again and again, a real Defender of the Crown in pinball dimension! Thank's a milion for this jewel! CongratulationsSmile to the artists!

aredzarep on 2015-09-05
Table version : 2.1

Awesome job on 2.1 !

2 much spec on castle alltogether.

And one thing is freezing table every single time. If you unlock the castle and put all balls in fast game freezes just when it should destory a castle.

jonset0917 on 2015-07-28
Table version : 2.1

This table is mint. has so much to offer! physics are great - sounds and art rock! a real fun table to play on cabinet

wallabie on 2015-07-04
Table version : 2.1

merci bien.

grendyzer on 2015-06-25
Table version : 2.1

my favorite table, thanks.

muzik on 2015-06-10
Table version : 2.1

Its fantastic, thanks Smile


Numiah on 2015-06-06
Table version : 2.1

Can't get it to run.

Future Pinball has stopped working.

(physmod 2.4)

nicco84 on 2015-06-04
Table version : 2.1

MARVELOUS!!! it's perfect... i think it needs only ledwiz support and it will be best version ever

darkangel359 on 2015-06-01
Table version : 2.1

2 words:


Some!!!  Wink

Thanks for making one of my favorite tables more enjoyable than ever.

LadyScarlett01 on 2015-05-31
Table version : 2.1

merci bien.

momoch on 2015-05-29
Table version : 2.0 Custom Physic Edition

Only a word: f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s !!!!

police99 on 2015-05-29
Table version : 2.0 Custom Physic Edition


Hos_Nos on 2015-05-28
Table version : 2.0 Custom Physic Edition

Awesome table.  Just one quick question.  IN static cam mode my table moves around when the ball travels the table.  What's up with that and how do I turn it off?

 EDIT:  SOLVED.  It is the "Kick" effect.

envisaged0ne on 2015-05-28
Table version : 2.0 Custom Physic Edition

I can't get it to shoot the ball.  When the ball comes out, it just keeps bouncing in one spot and when I hit the button to shoot the ball, nothing happens

Table detail

Medieval Madness 2.1 stats

byfrancisco666, monnezzas
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number4032



if you have BAM installed yet but you have problem, Check The BAM & FP Definitive Guide

Inside the zip you'll find 2 versions, 1 for desktop and 1 for cabinet (cabinet version is the same as desktop but without HUD dmd and some models and textures useless in a cabinet)

UNZIP THIS ARCHIVE IN YOUR FUTURE PINBALL ROOT FOLDER (e.g. C:\Games\Future Pinball\) It will ask to YES (it'll not overwrite your files)

check GoPinball Forum for tips, questions and other things related to this table


Thanx to Francisco666 for one of the best table ever in FP

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