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aktdltek33 on 2021-01-15
Table version : 2.41

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police99 on 2011-08-22
Table version : 2.41


CrimsonTurtle616 on 2010-12-04
Table version : 2.41

I really loved this table. My only complaint is that the ramps are hard to get into. But that doesn't make it bad. Just tricky :-)

amilo3438 on 2009-12-30
Table version : 2.41

Don't know why, but this table is too demanding for my comp. Whatever I tried adjusting on FP, the max fps I got is 8fps and on all other tables I got 30fps or above. What's than the recomended config. for running the table? Older versions work without problems.

switchblade2k2 on 2009-11-23
Table version : 2.41

We tried this table on our future pin setup and looks incomplete and the play was just not very good. Placement of the upper flippers are horrible.

BillyBob on 2009-11-08
Table version : 2.41

This is a great table. Can anyone tell me whay the balls move in a jerky motion & the flippers respond late late on my computer? The smaller tables seem to run just fine. Thanks

FreeLunch on 2009-11-06
Table version : 2.41

Now that the multiball problem is fixed, this is an excellent table!

Andro on 2009-11-03
Table version : 2.41

Excellent work. Nice graphics, excellent sounds, good layout and on top of that a balanced difficulty level.

SLAMT1LT on 2009-11-03
Table version : 2.41

Impressive work with the DMD and the sound really brings life to the table. The model work is also exceptional. Very well done.

Coverchrg on 2009-06-14

Needs work.

moog on 2007-01-23

Some problem with the ramp (ball jumping outside the ramp), but all in all, a very good table. Nice to play, congrat.

Table detail

Mad Scientist - The Chemicals mod 2.41 stats

byAlphabill, Mad MR Max

NEW release 2.3 of M.S.: the chem. mod with D.M.D.

Hello and sorry about the last bugged version. Spend many times
for the new 2.3 release.
Added a simple, but real DOT MATRIX DISPLAY AND HUD DMD with a few animations

- You can change the HUD DMD colour, position and size (optional)
Don't forget to save the table to keep the changes.


If you disable the GLSL Shaders in the Video/Rendering Options then

you CANNOT see the background animations in the Dot Matrix Display(s).

Windows Vista

If you have problems to load the table, run FuturePinball in the Administrator mode. !
- in normal conditions it should be a few seconds to load Mad Scientist: T.Chem. mod

During Game:
Right flipper key for "Clear Flask" only if potions in the upper left flask

Left flipper key for "Mix Elements" only if potions in the upper left flask

The Hud DMD is on by default, you can turn it off over Special 1 and 2 keys

Only at start of a new game:
"3 key" for 3 balls per game (default) or "5 key" for 5 balls per game (num keyboard)

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