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pipic on 2020-01-16
Table version : 5.0

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LadyScarlett on 2016-04-02
Table version : 4.0

merci bien.

pinball666 on 2012-05-27
Table version : 3.0

Cool Nice table

rcadefrk on 2011-09-26
Table version : 3.0

Badass i was wondering when this table would get picked up & finished, was going to add the playfield graphics to 0.2 beta myself earlier today, glad i didn't as you beat me to it....thanks for metroid!

police99 on 2011-09-26
Table version : 3.0


Table detail

Metroid 5.0 stats

bymark1 homepage

An original future pinball table modification of Sky25's "Metroid".

I have modified it, adding a few new graphics, lights and sounds.

(Sky25 gave permission to anyone who should want to modify his table, could go ahead and give it a try. So, I hope He and you will like the changes I've made).

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