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BIL on 2013-03-09
Table version : 2.0

Beautiful original table Smile ...but too difficult and repetitive...for me Embarassed

rebooter on 2012-11-21
Table version : 2.0

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

brgljez on 2011-12-02
Table version : 2.0

original, very nice

moog on 2011-09-30
Table version : 2.0

Arrrrrrrrg, those left and right lanes! I find this table soooo difficult! I won't surrender though!

Nice work guys

police99 on 2011-09-29
Table version : 2.0


rcadefrk on 2011-09-29
Table version : 2.0

Awesome table guys, great work

momoch on 2011-09-28
Table version : 2.0

Very nice table

Thank you Pinballwzd & Popotte


Table detail

Surgical R1 2.0 stats

byGreywolf, Pinballwzd, Popotte homepage

Do you have what it takes ?

This is the day in the life of a Surgical Resident.
In Surgical R1, the player is immersed in the life of a Surgical Resident.  In order to complete your residency, you must demonstrate to the Chief Surgeon that you can perform 6 complex surgeries.

Good Luck Resident !

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