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Jolie Dale on 2020-06-25
Table version : 1.2

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exor13 on 2019-02-21
Table version : 1.2

Fix for lag upping the number didnt help so i changed all shakeit routine to (0) and the True to 0

Then the 0,8 i left that at first but hat to put those to 0.0 also sinds i have a Nvidia card i think thats the problem, played this on 3 other PCs and no problems with lag.

hope this helps those who tried the first option but wil have to take the shakeit routine all out of the script, someday there maybe an update or other fix i hope! Cool Table <3

byancey on 2017-02-07
Table version : 1.2

Very nice table, although I'm also experiencing lag problems with the ShakeIt routine.  Interesting that table version 1.2 has been out since 2012, and reports of lag only started popping up in 2016.  Perhaps an issue with a recent driver update from Nvidia?? I'm seeing issues on my laptop running GTX770M.  

In any case, the problem appears to be that the ShakeIt routing is running every 30ms, and the graphics card simply can't keep up.  I found that increasing the interval between calls to ShakeIt will minimize the drop in FPS, while still maintaining a decent ShakeIt effect.  Just search for two instances of "ShakethePF.Set true ,30" in the game script, and bump the 30ms value up to something higher.  In my case doubling this to 60 keeps my FPS at a decent rate for the duration of the shake event while still maintaining a nice shake effect on the playfield.  Hope this helps.

gezortenplotz on 2016-09-03
Table version : 1.2

Massive Shaking-Lag here, too ... goes under 1 FPS.

cameleon on 2016-06-25
Table version : 1.2

I have the problem of massive lag too .... i dont know why 

theouaegis on 2016-04-14
Table version : 1.2

The Shakeit() subroutine is lagging the table out to the point of unplayability. I narrowed this down by looking at when the lag happens (bumpers, multiball) then looking at the bumper hit scripts, tried commenting out Shakeit(500) on a whim, then tested it out. Sure enough, if I comment out all of Shakeit() references, the lag goes away.

Anyone have any idea what it is in the Shakeit() subroutine that is causing the massive lag?

kunghi on 2014-08-30
Table version : 1.2

That's crazy!

Great table - a lot fun!
Very Professional and realistic - keep up the great work guys!!!

spielberg thumb up

Knievelgod on 2014-04-16
Table version : 1.2

What an awesome table, Top 5 table for me as well. Just so mush going on. Love the sounds and the DMD.

Many thanks for all your hard work guys!

Hemp316 on 2013-10-23
Table version : 1.2

This Table is in my top five favorite Table in Future Pinball.It's just awesome looking,plays really well and I love the ridiculously high scores you get from it too.Great Job!

LoneWolfDon on 2013-07-31
Table version : 1.2

Neat table. Nice homage to the Jurassic Park movie.

6elvis9 on 2013-05-04
Table version : 1.2

Good work !!!! Thanks !!!

Pleurotus on 2013-02-10
Table version : 1.2

Una verdadera obra de arte. GraciasEmbarassed

r34p3r on 2012-12-31
Table version : 1.2

Well done.  Brought back great memories.

rebooter on 2012-10-26
Table version : 1.2

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

Olfella on 2012-10-14
Table version : 1.2

Brilliant game people 

synspilum on 2012-10-12
Table version : 1.2

theseadoomaster: Only reason for that can be that you haven't properly installed the music library.

Impossible that it is the table because there are no changes in the script at all.

pinbwiz on 2012-10-12
Table version : 1.2

1.2 versions seem improved! Rom Mod is special with better Dinos&sounds!

Among the "Top" future pinball tables with Iron Man, Indiana Jones, T2, Funhouse, MedievalMadness, TwilightZone, PartyZone, Dark Knight, Spiderman, Adams Family, CreaturesBlLagoon,Ripley'sBION,TalesFTcrypt, Robocop, MastersUniverse,TRON, Aliens, & StarWars.


theseadoomaster on 2012-10-12
Table version : 1.2

I cant get the sound to work on the new version.

mineiro on 2012-10-12
Table version : 1.2

Ei Francisco bug qndo vc completa todos os objetivos e o super bonus ficando 2 bolas letra "A" nso sai mais


mortuus on 2012-06-21
Table version : 1.1

awesome table love it

jhendrix on 2012-06-02
Table version : 1.1

Great table although sometimes the ball goes a bit wonky, almost as if a magnet is controlling it?

xaviersolo on 2012-05-03
Table version : 1.1

Absolutely fantastic, only flaw (and probably isn't overly important) but I found that when I got to 438 million and something it kicked me into the highscore screen with my active ball still playing in the background. I must say I was kind of devastated given my epic streak, undoubtedly never to be repeated! :P

Tomahawk640 on 2012-03-30
Table version : 1.1

Great job!  Just a little constructive criticism: I did notice the score animations were running a little fast compared to the original (a friend of mine has the table).  Otherwise flawless!

drink5 on 2012-03-04
Table version : 1.1

really tnx is great! ^__^

wig117a on 2012-01-17
Table version : 1.1





onlinechaos on 2011-12-15
Table version : 1.1

very enjoyable table, great job

netdefilr on 2011-12-07
Table version : 1.1

This looks awesome! But the DMD is on the playfield in my cabinet setup and I'm not sure how to put it on the backglass properly. Any suggestions?

Edit: Found this in the forums:There's a pdf included that explains how to modify this for pincab.

SLAMT1LT on 2011-12-04
Table version : 1.1

Recreating this table in Future Pinball was a mammoth task but you pulled it off brilliantly.  An exceptional achievement by all involved.

evilelvis on 2011-12-02
Table version : 1.1

A work of art. Many thanks.

moog on 2011-11-27
Table version : 1.00

Pinfan : yeah, I know, The js for the rating system sucks baaaaad. I'll have to redo it, but I procrastinate Laughing (this is because of Skyrim, not my fault!)

malfusion1 on 2011-11-27
Table version : 1.00

Thanks guys awesome table.The ball gets locked with the mosquito ball on occasion happened 4 times so far but hay I can live with that.May get around to closing the 2 pegs a small amount can't fault it anywhere else.WELL DONE.Cool

pinball666 on 2011-11-27
Table version : 1.00

Cool Very nice table

rcadefrk on 2011-11-27
Table version : 1.00

@ Pinfan, are you using firefox? No probs voting here. Check back & hopefully you can vote. Glad you liked the table!

You are the man francisco! Thanks for making this awesome table, can't wait for the next one....

Pinfan on 2011-11-26
Table version : 1.00

Just one question: why I am not able to enter my 5-star vote, here? Cry

police99 on 2011-11-26
Table version : 1.00

WOW! Super, merci!

annunaki12 on 2011-11-25
Table version : 1.00

Thanks Cool

woerdt on 2011-11-25
Table version : 1.00

Wow  (I'm speachless Wink)


Numiah on 2011-11-24
Table version : 1.00

Straight to cab !

Tnx !

looks awesome !!

coolGPS on 2011-11-22
Table version : 1.00

This is an Amazing table.  The shake effect is amazing, makes my sub fire!  I absolutely love this.  This team's talent is fantastic.  Could not have been any better.  My family thanks you so much!!!!

alf123 on 2011-11-22
Table version : 1.00

Laughing more more more

mahjunia on 2011-11-22
Table version : 1.00


moogster66 on 2011-11-22
Table version : 1.00

Absolutely fantastic! Laughing 

BEC on 2011-11-22
Table version : 1.00


maxfx4u on 2011-11-22
Table version : 1.00

Table plays like a dream.

Puma on 2011-11-22
Table version : 1.00

OK... Close All Work... Go to Play NOW.... TKS.. TKS and Tks Francisco....

Você é O cara! Fez um Brasileiro Feliz hehehehhee


brgljez on 2011-11-22
Table version : 1.00

great!!! congrats to all envolved in making

benucio on 2011-11-21
Table version : 1.00

Super table!    Smile

Thanks Francisco very good work!   


1970warlord on 2011-11-21
Table version : 1.00

Horns up!

momoch on 2011-11-21
Table version : 1.00

Thanks Francisco and also thanks to the entire "gold teamwork's".

A magnificent realization, really!


BIL on 2011-11-21
Table version : 1.00

Viva Francisco ! 

Table detail

Jurassic Park 1.2 stats

byfrancisco666, polygame homepage , puma, rom
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerData East Pinball, Incorporated (1986-1994)
IPDB Number1343

Thanks to all who helped:
Polygame make the Shake Effect
Puma do the 3d Models 
Rom build Custom Ramp Model
and the invaluable help of the testers: Benucio, Hanson, rcadefrk, lettuce

Added ROM MOD:

- New T-REX model & new bird models & new Mosquito model

- New Textures for toys
- Playfield & plastics reworked
- New physical sounds
- Some new lights


The pack have 3 versions, two normal versions with diferent playifield image size, 1024x2048 _lo and 2048x4096 _normal. And a collector edition with more toys, take notice that it take some time to load.

Loading ...
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