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zaidavargas on 2020-10-27
Table version : 2.0

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davidquan on 2020-08-04
Table version : 2.0

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Table version : 2.0

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Table version : 2.0

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Table version : 2.0

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Table version : 2.0

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lifetime on 2019-01-09
Table version : 2.0

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PhyllisDPratt on 2018-09-10
Table version : 2.0

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PSniewbie62 on 2018-09-08
Table version : 2.0

Hello, thank for this nice table,

but i get an error, the LEFT ramp does not work well, the ball stays in.

RobertJackson on 2018-08-21
Table version : 2.0

Big Bang Bar is so authentic table even for 2015 and for nowadays too. But I also like playing  free slots with bonuses no download because it also attract our attention.

gibsmedat on 2017-02-01
Table version : 2.0

Zed 1.1 physics. Plays really good now, thx.

RingMaster on 2016-04-07
Table version : 2.0

Big Bang TABLE !! Laughing Thank You very much !

inframun2 on 2016-01-27
Table version : 2.0

Great Work. Thnx!!

police99 on 2015-10-16
Table version : 2.0


muzik on 2015-10-12
Table version : 2.0

thank you rom, great table.


zomer on 2015-10-11
Table version : 1.5

Good table, but (in a multiplayer game) you can't play on after you've played the last ball from player 1 (no more balls, flippers disabled). Can't even tilt to end.



momoch on 2015-10-09
Table version : 1.0

Oh yeah ... good, very good ...

The previous version (2012-2013) was fantastic... The new version 2015 is sublime! Bravo, which talent and which brilliant work.

Many Thanks, Romain

fuzzi23 on 2015-10-09
Table version : 1.0

Great job. Amazing update. Thanks!

wiseler on 2015-10-08
Table version : 1.0


The name of the DMD is DispDmd1

The Table works perfekt only the DMD is only in the Playfield, not in the Future DMD.

Other Tables works perfekt with FutureDMD

Please help me

Skybuck on 2015-10-08
Table version : 1.0

Very fun table, made a smile on my face... very entertaining. Amazing. Happy.

toyotaboy on 2015-10-07
Table version : 1.0

Ball got stuck on moshpit a gogo.. Also ball seems to pop off the slings once in  a while and bounce into the shooter lane.

LadyScarlett01 on 2015-10-07
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

cabelosoueu on 2015-10-07
Table version : 1.0

Linda mesa. Parabéns e obrigado.

Beautful table. Congratulations and tank you.

Table detail

Big Bang Bar 2015 2.0 stats

TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerCapcom Coin-Op, Incorporated (1995-1996)
IPDB Number4001

Version 2.0 changelog:

The big FINAL UPDATE (i hope everyone is happy now)

-changed the ramp diverter which was not using the right ramp exit correctly.

-fixed some overlapping light textures.

-All versions in 1 download now (too annoying to upload 6 separate versions for everyones needs).

-download includes all 6 verions which are:

  -BigBangBar 2015 DARK HQ PINCAB (HQ textures - dark room - DMD on translite only)

  -BigBangBar 2015 DARK HQ        (HQ textures - dark room - DMD for desktop use)

  -BigBangBar 2015 DARK           (low (normal) textures - dark room - DMD for desktop use)

  -BigBangBar 2015 HQ PINCAB      (HQ textures - DMD on translite only)

  -BigBangBar 2015 HQ             (HQ textures - DMD for desktop use)

  -BigBangBar 2015                (low (normal) textures - DMD for desktop use)


-Multiplayer is not scripted.

-The game is created for Zed physics. (You have to use BAM otherwise FP will use original physics which may not play well)

-Releasing versions with modding in terms of manipulating textures or models is NOT ALLOWED.

-Releasing a version that corrects scripting bugs (for example a multiplayer version is ALLOWED).



Version 1.5 changelog:

-new playfield texture & new plastics textures.

-added a HQ version with high quality textures.

-added a LOW version with low quality textures (for weak computers)


Big Bang Bar was my first recreation ever. It has been years now since it was released and it always bothered me how wrong it played and looked.

Well this is Big Bang Bar 2015.

I COMPLETELY rebuilded the damn thing from scratch to have the dimensions of the playfield corrected to the correct sizes of the real pinball machine.

The results are:

-optimized for ZED PHYSICS (it plays great now): BUT remember it only uses the included ZED physics if you use BAM. If you are having stuck balls or else strange behaviour you are not using the correct physics and are not allowed to complain about that.

-tons of new 3d models up to my current standings.

-a real animated 3d tube dancer model.

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex