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police99 on 2020-01-18
Table version : 1.1


RingMaster on 2017-05-29
Table version : 1.1

Veeery godd work !!! Thanks a lot !

gavb73 on 2016-12-04
Table version : 1.1

This is a great table and a great recreation, although i did notice that the ball transition between lower and top playfield does not appear to be smooth. There seems to be a weird jump on left ramp. Have not played the real table so only have other emulation to go by. 

gibsmedat on 2016-06-17
Table version : 1.1

v1.1 doesn't play ball with physics 2.7 (ball stuck in launcher)

NJDave on 2016-03-04
Table version : 1.1

One of my favs and i have played in VP and Unit3D.  Ball jumps off the table and in first attempt sounds seem to be missing.   if there are bugs I hope to see them get resolved.  


zerta on 2016-02-18
Table version : 1.1

Beautiful, very good but game after game on this table,  same bug in top/left. Unable to unlock the Ball. Impossible! !!! With tilt : impossible = end game...

gsmit002 on 2015-10-05
Table version : 1.1

Looks GREAT! Sounds GREAT!

Two Problems:

1) Ball hopped up off play field onto instruction card area. Leftmost bottom of play field seemed to have the flaw.

2) Multiple balls piled up at chute down from top level. 

Both errors happened more than once.


LadyScarlett01 on 2014-12-29
Table version : 1.1

merci bien.

denrock on 2014-08-22
Table version : 1.1

very good, but this table is from 1989, not 1980.

blackmantis on 2013-08-23
Table version : 1.1

Very Nice and works well...thanks

rebooter on 2013-06-25
Table version : 1.1


M1chael on 2013-06-21
Table version : 1.1

A great table. Well done francisco!

Unfortunately v.1.1 still contains several bugs. Using Physics 2.5

Ball gets stuck in left lane. Autoplunger does not work.

Ball gets stuck under the glass in front of the playfield.

ciacho on 2013-05-30
Table version : 1.1

Ball constantly blocks somewhere behind left (somjeone mention this problem already) ramp, what make table unplayable :(

benevides on 2013-04-19
Table version : 1.1

Cool Amazing,Thank

Tonytea1949 on 2013-04-14
Table version : 1.1

Waiting with bated breath for the 'stuck-ball thingy' to be fixedWink

hawkshaw on 2013-04-14
Table version : 1.1

Great table but sometimes the ball jumps and appears as if it's sitting on the glass at the front of the table then you have to end the game. When fixed it will be PERFECT !

AlSwearengen on 2013-04-12
Table version : 1.1

Yes, the problem with the ramp have I, 2. And the ball disappears in an unplayable space.

 Can u fix this? 

marce79 on 2013-04-10
Table version : 1.1

Hi excellent work !!! amazing re-creation, the only problem was the ball get stuck in the ramp.

Anybody has the same issue!!! 




drink5 on 2013-04-09
Table version : 1.1

great "re-creation" ^__^

moog on 2013-04-08
Table version : 1.1

This table is as hard as the real thing.

ander on 2013-04-08
Table version : 1.1

Nice repaint, dude!! You're a peach.

celenoide on 2013-04-08
Table version : 1.1

La bola queda atascada cuando sube por la rampa de la derecha , excelente recreacion!

pfcmagician on 2013-04-08
Table version : 1.1

the ballgets stuck (behind wall "open gate")andcan notremove it

inframun2 on 2013-04-07
Table version : 1.1

Como siempre un trabajo exquisito.

Solo una pega, la bola a veces se engancha en la rampa cilindrica de la derecha, no se si a alguien mas le sucede esto.

Muchisimas gracias!!


urielll on 2013-04-07
Table version : 1.1

thx for this update francisco Wink

skinooe on 2013-04-07
Table version : 1.1

Thanks so much!Kiss

stevegooner123 on 2013-04-07
Table version : 1.1

thanks Francisco for this great update of a classic table

wyldfox2007 on 2012-01-12
Table version : 1.0

I always wanted to play this since I saw it on youtube, however, I found only 2 problems.  Easy fixes though.

1)  If you lose all 5 balls and want to play again, it will not let you. Start gets disabled.  It might be me on this too.

2) if the ball hits the left out lane ball save, and does it at a time, your timer goes off and the divider closes on the ball and the ball is stuck there.

benucio on 2012-01-03
Table version : 1.0

Thank you very much Francisco, very good work!!!   Smile

brgljez on 2011-12-30
Table version : 1.0


toyotaboy on 2011-12-26
Table version : 1.0

A thousand thank you's, been waiting for someone to finally finish this.  You did a killer job!

blking on 2011-12-24
Table version : 1.0


Thank you very much francisco666,distinguished work,I wait for this for a long time already.:) 
The bullet bounced out onto the front of the table although he was a little mistake with him,but not disturbed,I had a good laugh on him,and I started a new game.:) [img][/img]
Cool you made work,thank youWink

njtxus on 2011-12-24
Table version : 1.0

looks great! a great recreation of my favorite table.

maxfx4u on 2011-12-24
Table version : 1.0

This is a awesome Christmas present.


Stout on 2011-12-23
Table version : 1.0

Merry Christmas and thanks for the awesome table!

Helirist on 2011-12-23
Table version : 1.0

Haaaaaaa hilfeeeeeeeeeeee you have really do it. Many many many thanks my gopinballbrother!!!! This is one of the greatest christmas surprise for me....very great thanks for it Laughing.

alienxing on 2011-12-23
Table version : 1.0

Cool une table enfin sur FP THX A LOT !!!

1970warlord on 2011-12-23
Table version : 1.0

Thank you ACE(of spades)!!!Cool

momoch on 2011-12-23
Table version : 1.0

Thanks a lot. Francisco, for your splendid recreation ! It's a spendid Chritmas present.

Merry Christmas and a new year 2012 full of happiness !!!


BIL on 2011-12-23
Table version : 1.0

beautiful recreation francisco!

onlinechaos on 2011-12-23
Table version : 1.0

Smile many thx for this great present and merry x-mas 

Table detail

Black Knight 2000 1.1 stats

TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronics, Incorporated (1967-1985)
IPDB Number310

This is my present, and this is my first totally playfield repaint.
Two versions on the pack, normal and night illuminated.

Note that the original sounds of thunder, which sounded more like a short cicuit were replaced ​​by natural sounds of thunder.

New on v1.1:
- Added some walls and top surface.-
- Added custtom triggers to ensure loops.-
- Changed spell error on "Greatest".-
- Extended the time of Ramson lit.-
- Fixed extraball-millions bug.- (Thanks a lot MeMyselfAndI for your contributions)

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