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table 1.0 table 1.0 stats
Table 2.0 Table 2.0 stats
Table (3.0) Table (3.0) stats
Table (3.0) Table (3.0) stats

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LadyScarlett01 on 2017-06-11
Table version : 3.0

merci bien.

ghostmachine on 2014-11-23
Table version : 2.0

capslock42 on 2013-12-31
Table version : 2.0

My wife (former Kiss army alum) approves of this table.

Coaster on 2013-12-21
Table version : 2.0

Nice table. Great blend of old and new.

BDE on 2012-07-23
Table version : 1.0

LOVE!!!!   THIS!!!!   TABLE!!!!

As of 6:45PM CST on 7/22/2012, my new high score on this awesome table of your's is: 1,574,306

I will now go rest, as my eyes are ready to bug-out, and my fingers are D. O. N. E. DONE!!! lol

Maceman on 2011-12-31
Table version : 1.0

Great one Mark! Works well on my cab with the following tweaks:
Slope= 10
Top wire ramp colour: RGB 65/65/65


pinball666 on 2011-12-29
Table version : 1.0

Very nice Cool

police99 on 2011-12-27
Table version : 1.0


malfusion1 on 2011-12-27
Table version : 1.0

Nice table grew up with kiss thanks mark1

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Destroyer 3.0 stats

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Destroyer, An original future pinball table, A tribute to the rock band "KISS"

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