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NormanPerry on 2019-05-13
Table version : 1.3

It looks like a decent one program for it. So I would like to apply and share the information with the community of quickspin casino på nätet this website. I'm sure it will attract a lot of students!

germa999 on 2017-01-05
Table version : 1.3

very nice :)

mendi on 2016-11-11
Table version : 1.3

Gran tabla y gran trabajo. Muchas gracias por hacernos pasar buenos ratos con estas maravillas que realizais y que tan buenos recuerdos nos traen. Por favor hecho de menos , KING ROCK DE GOTTLIEB o REGGIO de MARESA. de nuevo. GRACIAS

LadyScarlett01 on 2016-10-31
Table version : 1.3

merci bien.

josecabello on 2016-10-30
Table version : 1.3

Excelente .GraciasCool

ghostmachine on 2014-12-05
Table version : 1.2.1

blacknun on 2013-10-23
Table version : 1.2.1

one of my fave tables

skinooe on 2013-08-23
Table version : 1.2.1

Thank you so much, for me a must have tableTongue out

walter1 on 2013-08-17
Table version : 1.2.1


momoch on 2013-08-17
Table version : 1.2.1

The version 1.2.1 is very splendid ... really a gem !!!!!!

Congratulations and many, many thanks to all the working team.

urielll on 2013-08-17
Table version : 1.2.1 thx blue&poptte for this gem

2 x 5 Stars



sexydarin on 2013-04-02
Table version : 1.1.11

ball either goes down side or down the middle way to often.

senhordd on 2013-03-01
Table version : 1.1.11

Cool, thanks

celenoide on 2012-12-19
Table version : 1.1.11

Cool 6 STARSCool

blue on 2012-01-21
Table version : 1.1.11

try here if the main link is down:

hfawr7a64h on 2012-01-21
Table version : 1.1.11

All links to 1.1.11 are down. Please reup?


police99 on 2012-01-14
Table version : 1.1.11


Table detail

Star Trek XSE 1.3 stats

byblue, Popotte homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number2355

Version 1.2  - August 16, 2013
Version 1.3  - Oct 28, 2016
- Table/build/graphics/modifications by blue
- Script/sounds By Popotte 25/01/2008
- Custom models by francisco666 and Polygame               
- Thanks to BC57 for the pics and his kindness
- Thanks to Minh Tan for splash screen image
- Thanks to all the other authors for their versions of this bally classic.
- Available at, as well as Pinball Nirvana and VPUniverse

*** Keys ***
You can toggle (by the toggle HUD key) the HUD reel.
Access to the dip switches menu by the Special2Key.(set as the ' key by default) for adjustments (amount of balls/liberal-conservative settings etc)
Speed up the bonus count by pressing both flippers

*** Instructions ***
This new version was made specifically for use with Better Arcade Mode (BAM) and uses SlamTilits 2.5 xml file as a base. If you do not use BAM, It may work fine as a standalone exe, but hit is recommended to use the FP 2.5. exe. Other physics exe may not work as intended. Please read the Manual included with FP about adjusting plungers/kickers etc if you should have any problems if you use a different FP exe.
The object was to ignore trying to get FP to have perfect physics (which is impossible, we have been trying for 6 years) but instead just concentrate on getting FP to play as fun as possible. Though every effort, and trick in the book, was used, it's still FP after all, and well, you can't turn crap into gold.
You can download BAM here:,16
If you are new to Future Pinball, or have any problems, a help file is here:
If you do not have BAM installed with Future Pinball (real easy actually) then there is a great help file here at:


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