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Table (1.0) Table (1.0) stats
Table (1.12) Table (1.12) stats

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erling1000 on 2017-12-18
Table version : 1.12

Great table. Missing "Shoot Again"?

Found out why Rudy's face was black. Set FP to Render Ornaments, that would help :-)

80sVideoKid on 2017-09-07
Table version : 1.12

Ball saver (shoot again) not working. The original is much easier to play. When hitting the ball with the lower left flipper, it bounces off the bottom of the upper left flipper bouncing it back into the drain. The surface graphics don't show up. All I see is either black or white. Deleting.

sedoparking on 2013-06-18
Table version : 1.12

Great work, but:


Shoot again is not working

Ball sometimes disappears behind Rudy

Harder to play than the original

The "ball-switch" from right to left, that is extremly usefull in multiball is very hard or almost not possible ...

What is extremly good is the "feeling" ... It looks, it sounds and it plays as if i stood in front of the original (And I did al lot 20 Years ago :) )

DevilsDare on 2013-04-10
Table version : 1.12

Absolutely fantastic the rudy head is so realistic! 5 stars for sure!

So for any problems with tables (all tables on this site works with physic 2.5 with my settings on win 7 64 bits and ati radeon

1 right clik on shortcut or exe compatibilty mode xpsp3 and run as administrator checked

2 vertical sync checked (better stable framerate)

4 Texture filtering bilineare

5 anisotropic filtering unchecked

 (4and 5 for  no more white or grey textures;)

Render the game room unchecked and some table have anyway room and u gain 10 fps

Mirror playfield into ba unchecked it's give a better visibility and increase fps.

Have fun

Thx again Drakko francisco666 and Vanlion for FH




sexydarin on 2013-04-01
Table version : 1.12

table art greyed out.

inframun2 on 2013-03-29
Table version : 1.12


benucio on 2012-10-31
Table version : 1.12

Thank you guys you did a good job!!!

Thank you very much

lukatrajes on 2012-10-27
Table version : 1.12

tres belle realisation

CrashMurdock on 2012-10-18
Table version : 1.12

Fantastic recreation!  I wanted to give 5 stars as this is my arcade favorite but am having a problem with the ball going somewhere and no longer visible shortly after midnight when Rudy is asleep with his mouth open.  This is typically when the ball is in play around or behind Rudy's head.

A suggestion is there needs to be a countdown timer that starts when the player presses a flipper button until the ball is confirmed in play.  If the timer runs out then an automatic search for the ball should be activated.  I've tried bumping the table but always end up tilting the machine and losing my score.

Other than that problem it is a wonderful recreation although a bit hard to play, like others have mentioned.

tuniturntablist on 2012-07-04
Table version : 1.12

Very good table but shoot again doesn't work and it's a little bit hard to play .

mortuus on 2012-06-21
Table version : 1.12

funny table haha Laughing

dragaknight5 on 2012-05-31
Table version : 1.12


The Table is great....but one thing thats wrong is after i activate midnight multiball the clock doesnt reset to allow me to activate another one

Tuko45 on 2012-04-07
Table version : 1.12

I put 3 stars because it's a littlebit too hard and "shoot again" don't work . So keep working on it guys !

StrangeCrunchy1 on 2012-04-05
Table version : 1.12

Pretty damn good recreation!  Only thing I can find to complain about (and it isn't really even a complaint, just an observation of missing realism) is the fact that Rudy's mouth movements aren't quite properly synched to the phrases, and sometimes it doesn't even move at all when a phrase is triggered.  Just a little constructive criticism there.  Other than that, the table is FLAWLESS.  Also, yeah, like in other comments, Shoot Again function doesn't work.  Keep up the good work, though!

BEC on 2012-03-20
Table version : 1.12



patlezard on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.12

SUPER, Merci.

toyotaboy on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.12

Very little negative you can say about this pin, very well recreated

brgljez on 2012-03-16
Table version : 1.12


momoch on 2012-03-11
Table version : 1.12

Thank you very much for this update !!!

I like really more and more this table, it is in my " FP TOP 3 ".

Thank you at all the team for this magnificent realization


darrin on 2012-03-11
Table version : 1.12

Thank you so very much!!!


Huffy2001 on 2012-03-11
Table version : 1.12

Wow,...thank you very much,...always been one of my favorites..

pinbwiz on 2012-03-10
Table version : 1.12

Amazing Incredible....words can't describe this. Rudy snoring and other updates are perfect!  This is becoming an all time favorite on future pinball. BIG THANKS!!Cool

ell on 2012-03-10
Table version : 1.12

This table just gets better and better--Many Thanks!!Smile

1970warlord on 2012-03-06
Table version : 1.0

Magnificent team,magnificentrecreation! Thanks!!!

maxmix on 2012-03-06
Table version : 1.0

Grazie, grazie. Bellissimo.

mahjunia on 2012-03-06
Table version : 1.0

Incredible! Thanks a lot!!!

police99 on 2012-03-06
Table version : 1.0


Numiah on 2012-03-05
Table version : 1.0

WOW !!!!Cool

brian_condor on 2012-03-05
Table version : 1.0


Stout on 2012-03-05
Table version : 1.0

awesome thankyou!

doudou10 on 2012-03-05
Table version : 1.0


erkelenzer on 2012-03-05
Table version : 1.0

Wonderfull Table !!!!

Many ThanksSmile

drink5 on 2012-03-05
Table version : 1.0

great job is really nice ^__^

BIL on 2012-03-05
Table version : 1.0

Superbe réalisation !!!

Grand bravo à tous les trois

Table detail

Funhouse 1.12 stats

byDRAKKO, francisco666, Vanlion
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number966

Funhouse / IPD No. 966 / November, 1990 / 4 Players


Version 1.12

- Added Rudy snoring

- Multiplayer Display when player change

- Slingshot points

- Changed the inclination of the "flippers"

- Doors reassembled

- Move the objects to the good "height" for rendering.






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