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RobertRoark on 2018-05-15
Table version : 1.1

Thank you very much! And it's much comfortable to play pinball when you understand how it's easy to  buy custom essays online  Thanks for sharing

invernoid on 2014-02-10
Table version : 1.1

De las quehe provado está es la que más me gusta, buen trabajo.

gogo69 on 2013-07-22
Table version : 1.1

ball sometimes stalls on the right to left rail approx. where the robot is in the center. so you have to nudge the ball to the right until it fall down again. play it with phys 2.5 .. maybe this is the reason why ?

astroboy on 2013-06-29
Table version : 1.1

Nice table, but feeling is not like the original

6elvis9 on 2013-05-07
Table version : 1.1


titi60 on 2013-04-19
Table version : 1.1

malheuresement 1 seule etoile , car impossible de finir une partie a cause de bille qui se bloque dans des endroits impossible !! dommage cette table aurait meritée mieux Cry


brei on 2013-04-18
Table version : 1.1

Hola, me gustaria saber como hacer que el juego solo tenga 3 bolas.


Voy a scrip y pongo en nvballspergame 3, y se me ponen 3 bolas, pero lo que no entiendo es pq me empieza el juego con la bola 3 , y no con bola 1

¿alguien sabe como puedo resolver eso?



alberto1409 on 2013-04-15
Table version : 1.1

Great Work!

Vicious666 on 2013-04-09
Table version : 1.1

Yeah - I'm really don't like this table. But - it's the best recreation of this pinball machine. And I play it now a lot. Still I think there are better tables but Francisco666 and rom made a just brilliant job. And I want to say THANK YOU once again!

Numiah on 2013-04-09
Table version : 1.1

Insanely beautiful !

ismail on 2013-04-08
Table version : 1.1

How can i play this game on my tablet pc with android ???please help!!!


CRAIG D on 2013-04-07
Table version : 1.1


All my FPL files for this table are in the folder that the table itself is in!


inframun2 on 2013-04-06
Table version : 1.1


RLM5453 on 2013-04-05
Table version : 1.1

Great job. Thanks.

senhordd on 2013-04-04
Table version : 1.1

thanks for this great table my friend. Smile

tolzha on 2013-04-04
Table version : 1.1

I've just had an exact same bug with the gumball machine. If you lose a golden ball, it doesn't seem to register it, so it' all over for you. Same as in previous versions.

skinooe on 2013-04-04
Table version : 1.1

Tongue out

drink5 on 2013-04-04
Table version : 1.1

this is a miracle (part2) XD i'm really ^__^ happy! really tnx!!

Wally991 on 2013-04-04
Table version : 1.1

Friends, my instances all crash about 1/4 of the way into the game-load screen at exactly the same spot.  FPL files are in the "Libraries" folder, everything else is in the "Tables" folder.   Thoughts?

ediebow on 2013-04-03
Table version : 1.1

u guyz rule

larryunderwood on 2013-04-03
Table version : 1.1

thanks man !!!

Br0ck_71 on 2013-04-03
Table version : 1.1

Fantastic table, thanks for the update.

power_lord on 2013-04-03
Table version : 1.1

AWESOME !!! One of the best FP tables!!!Cool

urielll on 2013-04-03
Table version : 1.1

thx a lot for this big Update francisco,going right into the Cab :)



stevegooner123 on 2013-04-03
Table version : 1.1

Thanks very much for 1.1 update

neologic550 on 2013-02-20
Table version : 1.0

Great Work!

maxxdata on 2013-01-13
Table version : 1.0

sono  maxxdata    chiedo scusa ,  io  parlo  italiano ,  sono  italiano ,   questo   flipper   ,  versione  fp  1  0  e    l altra  versione   1.01  ,   mancano  le  immagini sull   tavolo  e  il   gunball  originale .   come    sulle  immagini  dimostrative  , che  scorrono  qui  in   alto ,           in   ultima    manca  il  match  ,    ho   notato   che  in  molti  tavoli ,   il   match    manca ,        io   scarico   i   tavoli   reali   flipper .               i   mod    per   favore    se  fosse   possibile   a  tutti  gli  altri   autori   di  non  metterli ,     rovinate   il  reale  flipper   ,    musiche  e il suono ,  e  altro  originale  .        grazie   spero  di  non  avere  offeso  voi   fracisco666 e  rom.            posso   chiedere    una   informazione  ?             l é    risorse  ,  i   tavoli   grafici  da   scaricare,       a   me   mancano    questi   reali  flipper   da   scaricare   ,    se  potete   mettere  a  disposizione  come  questo  tavolo  e  altri  ,  per   giocare   .     grazie       grazie    i  tavoli  reali   ricreazione     se  saranno   disponibili     qui  a     pinsim  .              grazie              

Olfella on 2012-11-01
Table version : 1.0

This table is awesome....

I just keep returning to it 

The best

rebooter on 2012-10-26
Table version : 1.0

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

ericc11 on 2012-09-08
Table version : 1.0

really good ! it remember me all good hours spend on the real :-))

only gumball bugs :-/ at end of gumball multiball, when i lose the last ball, the game continue like if it was an other ball.. no end, obliged to close the game

on edit, i ve change the diverter gate for the gumball with 1° for the move, so gunball can t be charged but i can play complete games like that without to be locked by this stunt,

thanks again, see you soon

valmont1702 on 2012-08-24
Table version : 1.0

Certainly the greatest table of all time !!! 
Huge work by Francisco666 & Rom ! Wowww.
What you did here is huge.
It's a real pleasure to play it... Great sensations.
A "must have" table, for sure. 

thehaunted687 on 2012-07-30
Table version : 1.0

One of the greatest tables of all time!  An amazing piece of work here...thanks to all involved for a phenominal effort!  I am looking forward to the 20th Anniversary Edition if it is still coming soon...any info on that table?  Thanks again!

tuniturntablist on 2012-07-22
Table version : 1.0

Great table , but I think "shoot again" is not working properly.

eis666 on 2012-06-26
Table version : 1.0


Darauf habe ich seit Jahren gewartet !

JBFM on 2012-06-02
Table version : 1.0

Great Table! Thank You.

imaestro on 2012-05-30
Table version : 1.0

great table

Jd0gg on 2012-05-15
Table version : 1.0

By far my absolute favorite table!

One bug I have not seen reported here or GoPinball furum... Occasionally when shooting to load gumball if the ball travels very slow an just makes the top of the loop, there is a mechanical sound followed by the ball disappearing. Pressing special 1 button does not recover the ball.

Thanks for such a wonderful table!

deadraque on 2012-04-14
Table version : 1.0

Just love it, reminds me sooooo much


RobertV on 2012-04-13
Table version : 1.0

My favoritte table but a littlebit too hard and "shoot again" don't work . So keep working on it guys ! 

fenriz on 2012-04-12
Table version : 1.0

Awesome, thnx !!!

malfusion1 on 2012-03-25
Table version : 1.0

As I play to around 321,000+ on both tables the ball seems to go missing around the piano I think?and I have to exit the game.Anyone else getting the same problem?--9 times so far.Fantastic table thou pure genius.Great atmosphere thanks guys. Just when you think the tables can't get much better this pops up. 

Tongue out

nig on 2012-03-22
Table version : 1.0

Absolutely superb. Many thanks. Laughing

Stout on 2012-03-20
Table version : 1.0

thank you!

zestwan on 2012-03-20
Table version : 1.0

This is unbelievable! Amazing!

BEC on 2012-03-19
Table version : 1.0


1970warlord on 2012-03-19
Table version : 1.0

Amazing work!!!Cool

celenoide on 2012-03-19
Table version : 1.0

excelente tabla , excelente recreacion , vamos por mas!!!!Smile

police99 on 2012-03-19
Table version : 1.0


hall_4 on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

The be all, the end all... package delivered, sign here..nuff said :)

pinball666 on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

Cool Very nice table

Foxgod on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

Table is absolutely beautiful, however i tried the 1.1 version in zoom mode, and the camera doesnt follow the ball properly (scrolling 1).

The camera stays on the top when the ball goes down, causing me to lose the ball without seeing it.

But since it looks so damn great i am still giving it 5 star.

erkelenzer on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

Super Table

rossicomputers on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

Awesome table.... Top one this year by far...

BIL on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

Net realizable for twilight zone ... Watch this a masterpiece !

momoch on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

Magnificent and Wonderful realization ...

Thank you wholeheartedly to all the team !



lolo02100 on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

Exellente table,merci

patlezard on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0

Grand merci pour ce merveilleux pinball,


doudou10 on 2012-03-18
Table version : 1.0


Table detail

Twilight Zone 1.1 stats

byfrancisco666, rom
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerMidway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated (1988-1999), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number2684

ROM: Table build and graphics

Francisco666: Script

Testers: Hanson, The Loafer, D-Struct, dead donkey, jasonsmith01


You will find two versions inside, Normal and Night, both with 2 dmd, one in cab and one in the screen.
Also you will find a little manual with some settings of the game.


Version 1.1:

- Added music during the attract.

- Fixed Gumball machine table stuck with no ball out.
- Fixed both outlanes (extra ball and special) when lit.
- Added a version with Ledwiz inside "cab and led" folder.
- Match font on cab dmd fixed


Version 1.01:
- New flipper settings.
- Right metal wire ramp modified to prevent the escape of the ball.
- After tilt fixed

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