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Sally Acorn on 2018-09-25
Table version : 3.2

I Liked this Pinball Table of Kiss  Cool


Great Job  Wink

ero on 2016-03-07
Table version : 3.2


police99 on 2016-03-07
Table version : 3.2


LadyScarlett on 2016-03-06
Table version : 3.2

merci bien.

Table detail

Kiss 3.2 stats

bymartinB homepage , Popotte homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number1386

Across the Special-1-Key *) you can choose and save whether name-entry (initials) on the end of game shall be used.

Across the Special-2-Key *) you can choose and save the number of balls per game. With this option the highscore will
be reseted to the recommended worth.

If you fade-out or fade-in the HUD-Display across the Toggle-Hud-Key, then this setting will get saved for further
game sessions.

The standard playfield image has a size of 1024 x 2048 pixels. If you like a higher resolution please choose "Spielfeld2048"
as "Playfield Image" in the table-propertys in the editor. For further use of this the table must get saved.

If the score is higher than the displayable number, then the players score continues at zero again like real EMs and EEs do.

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