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maxhemenway on 2020-09-01
Table version : 2.1

its By Tehkan Not Atari

Nelson18 on 2018-10-05
Table version : 2.1

Laughing  If you have a problem launching the ball, try check vertical sync option in menu Video / Rendering Options 

sarracino on 2017-08-07
Table version : 2.1

Table version : 2.1

In my case, it only works with "vertical sync" active in the video options!


cabelosoueu on 2017-08-05
Table version : 2.1

Wonderfull table, tanks for sharing...

LadyScarlett01 on 2017-08-04
Table version : 2.1

merci, moi aussi j'ai juste 1 balle qui joue et la balle 2 never start. (play 1 ball only)

RISTONES on 2017-08-03
Table version : 2.1

KissTongue outSmile


rjx2 on 2016-07-02
Table version : 2.0

Bonita tabla, Sergio. Es la primera que vi de pequeño en unos billares y me encantaba ver como cambiaba de pantalla. Recientemente había una de estas mesas (más moderna) en una feria del Manga. Gracias por el aporte! (good old days!)

sergiosalaman on 2016-07-01
Table version : 2.0

It seems that the PlungerKey doesn't launch the ball on older graphics cards.

If that is the case, go to options, uncheck "High Quality Textures" and check "Use Texture Compression".

coach on 2016-06-29
Table version : 2.1

Ball launches fine for me....just hiy the return key


bha19 on 2016-06-28
Table version : 2.0

How do you launch a ball?

Ball 1 will launch after a certain time but when it drains I can't get ball 2. Also collect bonus does nothing except capture the ball. Am I using the wrong version of FP for this table?

LadyScarlett on 2016-06-27
Table version : 2.0

merci bien.

wild on 2016-06-27
Table version : 2.0

Really nice.I'm curious to see,and try this table.....tnx.and bravoLaughing

































really,nice.....I m curious to see,and try,this table....tnx




police99 on 2016-06-27
Table version : 2.0


fuzzi23 on 2016-06-27
Table version : 2.0

Realy nice! I love videogame pinball recreations. Many thanks!

Table detail

Pinball Action 2.1 stats

TypeRecreation (videogame)

Pinball Action is an video arcade game, a simulator of a pinball machine, released in 1985 by Tehkan (now Tecmo).

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