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Gimli on 2017-08-12
Table version : 3.0

Please Read the discription before you downloadLaughing Path of adventure requires current BAM version, otherwise you'll get a script error.  FP/previous version of BAM don't allow the new features

Kyelster use enclosed  Bam

 run from Fp loader.exe 

Welcome to BAM !!!

Press Q for menu options in Bam


Next version will have the POA texture fixed

and various bug fixes....stay tuned

Also, BAM will soon enable on-fly-physics tweaks for all tables for those that prefer there own physics



 Cool Slam hopefully you will keep the multiplayer function ?

SLAMT1LT on 2017-08-08
Table version : 3.0

Only just played this updated version of the game.  Great work on the POA.  I am seeing a lot of issues witht the game though so it needs a major overhaul to get it to the level it deserves.  I've re-started my mod of Stern's Indy, might as well update this one as well while I'm at it. 

xxTheGoDxx on 2017-02-22
Table version : 3.0

Great table, with vastly improved physic over the Ultimate version.


Looks and plays very nicely in VR (with all FP ingame settings at max and 4xAA IIRC on a GTX 980).

gibsmedat on 2016-12-28
Table version : 3.0

New Mechanics: great

Physics: poor

I reverted to physics 2.6. Although a bit fast, they are at least ok, the custom physics provided with this version are bad, imho. I tried others, but went back to ULTIMATE, it simply plays better.

Now if this table had 2.7 physics....


Trucx on 2016-10-11
Table version : 3.0

PoA's texture does not appeared, only wood

It's ok for me on Ultimate Table

Anyways Nice Job !

Kylester on 2016-10-05
Table version : 3.0

script error... DONT WORK !

arris on 2016-09-29
Table version : 3.0

this is art


meliane39 on 2016-09-27
Table version : 3.0

Pinball mediation error

Script error: line 490

objet requis 'miniplayfiel_0'


Zonaflow on 2016-09-17
Table version : 3.0

Great work on the update!!!!!! Plays pretty close to the original game once owning it!   Slamt1lt is working on putting movie clips in, can't wait!

envisaged0ne on 2016-09-09
Table version : 3.0

Thank you Gimli & everyone else who helped me.  I got the table up and running!  Great job!


police99 on 2016-09-09
Table version : 3.0


LadyScarlett on 2016-09-09
Table version : 3.0

merci bien.

coach on 2016-09-09
Table version : 3.0

I get a line error on play field? I ran the fploader file and it worked...playes awesome ty


Table detail

Indiana Jones Ultimatum:Path of Adventure 3.0 stats

byGeorgeH, Gimli, Glxb, Highlnder00, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number1267

Authentic Moving Path of Adventure Playfield.  Thanks to Ravarcade's miniplayfield toolset in BAM.

** Please seen readme file for instructions.  You must use the newest version of BAM (Which is enclosed in this download.  Use

.exe file for new install of BAM, or copy bam folder in zip to future pinball directory, OPEN VR version of BAM also included for VR users.


Option to change POA mode duration by changing LongPOAtime = True (45 seconds) to LongPOAtime = False (20 seconds)

in script under Sub FuturePinball_beginplay()


"V" on keyboard during a game is cheatcode to load POA mode 


See enclosed PDF for all previous features and updates from last release

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex