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cabelosoueu on 2016-10-22
Table version : 1.0

Other great table. Thanks Tii...

shawna421 on 2016-10-21
Table version : 1.0

Looks good.

police99 on 2016-10-21
Table version : 1.0

Merci! Intéressant comme table.

LadyScarlett01 on 2016-10-21
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

Table detail

Zombie Madness 1.0 stats

byTii homepage

3rd and final Halloween table for 2016


zombie rotator, animator, spinners


rotating zombie arms to grab you


bloody chainsaws and eyeballs

with a couple of axes to finish 'em off


zombie groans and spacey sounds


music by Rob........can't remember his last name Laughing

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