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Mosfekun on 2022-04-19
Table version : 0.82

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RogerEspada on 2018-08-21
Table version : 0.82

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skinooe on 2014-08-17
Table version : 0.82

continue the work on fp tables, please!!Cool

bmheyob on 2014-01-05
Table version : 0.82

Please finish!

lollyi on 2013-11-14
Table version : 0.82

Fantastic! Thanks!

Table version : 0.50;  0.80, 0,82

Table graphics whited out...

senhordd on 2013-05-17
Table version : 0.82

looks awesome, keep the good work mate Cool

kobe on 2013-05-17
Table version : 0.82

Fantastic! Thanks! Awesome sound effects and voices. Hilarous table.

HELLINKO on 2013-05-16
Table version : 0.82

there is a bug with ball locking whrn first ball is locked table won`t release next ball !

hanibal2001 on 2013-05-16
Table version : 0.82

It crashes and nothing is working, sorry!

pinbwiz on 2013-05-16
Table version : 0.82

V 0.82 looks great! This project looks to be shaping up well--maybe getting closer to finished! After a few games, I haven't seen error yet.  I Love any Data East table  being remade on FP. BIG THANKS for making this happen on FP! (note: on lower end Video Cards Turn high textures off)

hotgraphics on 2013-05-16
Table version : 0.82

Worked ok for me.

Stout on 2013-05-16
Table version : 0.82

mediation error 1983.. table looks awesome cant wait!


6elvis9 on 2013-05-04
Table version : 0.80


yolastar on 2013-04-15
Table version : 0.80

Table graphics whited out...

sexydarin on 2013-04-01
Table version : 0.80

Table graphics whited out.


dboy on 2013-01-25
Table version : 0.80

Pppp.. Patiently waiting... Please Sirs, can I have some more. Laughing


You Guys are AWESOME, thanks!

dragaknight5 on 2012-06-11
Table version : 0.80

hey do you guys know when this table will be ready cuz i just cant wait :)

imaestro on 2012-05-29
Table version : 0.80

I love the Simpsons

great table


skubyduu on 2012-05-06
Table version : 0.80

Yeah If Glxb And Francisco666 are involved, may result a fine table...

Waiting for updates  Keep working an a nice work Wink 

BIL on 2012-05-05
Table version : 0.80

Excellent wip ... and very pleasant surprise ... a big thank you to all three !Smile

edit: t.y.t.a. Four !Smile

toyotaboy on 2012-05-04
Table version : 0.50

crashed on me until I turned all the detail down.  Hardly a WIP, looks fully working to me, nice job!

celenoide on 2012-05-03
Table version : 0.50

Cool hermosa recreacion , muchas gracias por esta tabla!

Huffy2001 on 2012-05-03
Table version : 0.50

WOW...very nice...thank you very much, I hope you keep going with it!

police99 on 2012-05-03
Table version : 0.50


Brakrgandalf on 2012-05-02
Table version : 0.50

Table 0.50


This Project will be awesome, and its on its right hands!!!!


Keep going, buddy´s!

BernieGeorge on 2012-05-02
Table version : 0.50

Very entertaining table. Thank you.

Table detail

Simpsons WIP 0.82 stats

byepthegeek, francisco666, Glxb, jarlaxe
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerData East Pinball, Incorporated (1986-1994)
IPDB Number2158

Version 0.80

Lots added inlcuding Multiball.

Thanks to Francisco666 for helping out.



This is an early version of the Simpsons Data East table recreated in FP.

Lots missing.

Hopefully feedback will nudge me on to finish it.


Thanks to epthegeek for the awesome redraws.

And Jarlaxe for the cabinet texture redraw.

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