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sunweb7 on 2018-11-12
Table version : MOD 1.21

Surprenant cette musique différente à chaque target descendue. Ca apporte un moment récréatif et nostalgique. J'ai passé un bon moment sur cette table. Merci

Nitronimbus on 2018-10-22
Table version : MOD 1.21

Hi George,

Mate firstly I just want to personaly thank you for your ongoing contritbutions your efforts are certainly much appreciated!!

I actually prefer playing these older style tables with Physic 1.0. I also find some people think a table is not playing correctly because they simply have the wrong Physics. For example setting a default xml in BAM using 2.7. 

But this is a valid point and I will include xml files in future posts, cheers!

GeorgeH on 2018-10-21
Table version : MOD 1.21

I noticed there is no XML file for this table.  Did you intend to play it with Physics 1.0 or did you have another XML file in mind?



coach on 2018-10-20
Table version : MOD 1.21

Love Bally tables ty

77petit on 2017-03-30
Table version : mod

Excellente table, le DMD fontionne très bien, Encore MerciLaughing

josecabello on 2017-03-30
Table version : mod

Gracias buen trabajo Cool

toyotaboy on 2017-03-30
Table version : mod

Hate to say it, but this sound package makes this game so much more playable.  Adding some DMD animations would be hilarious

police99 on 2017-03-30
Table version : mod


LadyScarlett01 on 2017-03-29
Table version : mod

merci bien.

Table detail

Dolly Parton MOD 1.21 stats

byklodo81, Nitronimbus
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number698

Hi All,

Updated Mod version of Klodo81 awesome table Dolly Parton.

Dynamic Flippers

Lights, tweaks, sounds, songs and a 4 player DMD.

Hope you enjoy, cheers!

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