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izecold90 on 2020-05-23
Table version : 1.3

nice table. I boost the plungers, bumpers and sling shoots stenght and tilt the table to 9 degrees. The ball got stuck in the one way door at the top of the table after the launch ramp, shaking the table did not relese the ball. The only thing I quite did not like was the soundtrack, perhaps some metall from Ghost? 

Cruz Foster on 2020-04-20
Table version : 1.3

Beta version of the bam has been released and they re using the detail on it so that you have to care about it. Checking the samedayessay review when you are ready to release teh song so that you have to care about your future.

GeorgeH on 2019-10-24
Table version : 1.3

Thanks John!  I uploaded the version 1.3 a second time because I forgot to add the "BAM.dll" file like I said in the description.  



johnhardyiv on 2019-10-24
Table version : 1.3

Enjoyed this table when FP first came out and we were starved for anything, Ruckage's brain eaters served to satisfy our hunger for a while!  Great update GeorgeH, it's nice to use the new physics vs. the floaty original ones on games like this.

LadyScarlett01 on 2018-10-22
Table version : 1.2

merci bien.

Gimli on 2018-10-22
Table version : 1.2

Very nice !

Thanks George and ruckage


josecabello on 2017-06-25
Table version : 1.1

Buen trabajo,Gracias  Cool

rjx2 on 2017-06-24
Table version : 1.1

Great table and physics

RingMaster on 2017-06-23
Table version : 1.1

Really nice Table ! Cool Thanks a lot for this work. "Ghouls & Ghosts" remixed theme is perfect for this game ! Smile

police99 on 2017-06-23
Table version : 1.1


Table detail

The Hungry Dead 1.3 stats

byGeorgeH, ruckage

*** Version 1.3 ***


NOTE:  I am enclosing a beta version of BAM (version 264) in the download that is needed to play this table.  Although it is a beta version, I have found it works very well and have not experienced problems with it.  The installation is simple.  Just swap the "BAM.dll" file in your BAM folder with the one that is included in the download.  You should upgrade when the final BAM version 1.4-264 or later version is released.  I have added some new lighting options that require use of this beta version.


Just in time for Halloween is this update to "The Hungry Dead".  I have added new lighting options.  You can change them by pressing the Special 1 key.  Changing the light modes also changes the brightness of the light inserts on the playfield.  I added 3 nanoflashers that are adjusted for each light modes.  I added many bulbs to improve the general illumination.  Earlier versions of the table relied on the main spotlight for general illumination but that doesn't work for night modes.  Night modes require more local lighting. 


The other change is to the "Bounce Control" portion of the dynamic flippers.  You should be able to perform tricks now to get the ball over to the opposite flipper.  I wasn't sure how to adjust it in the last version.  There are 4 parameters that need to be changed to create more or less bounce.  The possible combinations of settings are endless so it took some time to develop.  I finally figured out 12 predetermined groups of settings for each of the 4 parameters.  I must have determined the correct settings must be right because everybody uses them. 


I also updated the PDF files included in the download that include set up information. 


I was quite pleased with how the lighting on this table turned out.  The darker lighting modes are well suited for Halloween.  Even though the rules are simple, this table is a lot of fun to play at any time and not just at Halloween.  Have fun!




*** Version 1.2 ***


NOTE: This table uses Dynamic Flippers that require use of BAM version 1.4-233 (or later) that was released on July 15, 2018.  It is very easy to upgrade.  You can download the most current version at the following link.  This installation file installs Future Pinball and BAM at the same time.  If you have either Future Pinball or BAM already installed, you can still run it and it will bring everything up to date.


This table is just in time for Halloween!  I have actually never cared much for the macabre but this table never carries it too far and it is all in fun.  It is kid friendly and fun for all ages to play.  You may not be impressed with it at first because it is fairly simple but it becomes very additive.  I like to play it at any time of the year. I left version 1.1 in case someone wants it but I think version 1.2's dynamic flipper are better.  


Like version 1.1, version 1.2 download has two variations.  There is the basic version for general PC usage and pinball cabinets.  The other version of the table is for use for a desktop PC on a single monitor with a portrait orientation.  This version will be of interest to you if the monitor on your PC can be rotated 90 degrees.  There is a screenshot of it that you can view on the "Images" tab of this posting. 


On version 1.1, I added two loading screens.  On version 1.2, I added two portrait versions of the same loading screens.  The two original loading screens are named "Loading1" and "Loading2".  The two two portrait versions are named "Loading1Alt" and "Loading2Alt".  You can change the loading image by opening Future Pinball's editor and clicking on the "Table" pull down menu and selecting "Table Info".  Then change the "Loading Picture" to one of the options I identified above.


I revised the custom physics so it is different from Version 1.1.  The XML file has been added to the script so you don't need to deal with any extra files other than the table itself.  This version also implements dynamic flippers.  Dynamic flippers implement 3 different factors for flippers.  1) Dynamic flippers fix the geometry of the default flipper on Future Pinball that was never right.  2) I added some code to the script to make the flipper hit the ball harder the closer the ball hits the base of the flipper.  The flippers don't hit the ball quite as hard as it gets closer to the tip.  This makes the flippers perform more like real world flippers.  3) The final aspect of the change is the setting of the flipper elasticity has been enhanced.  It is most noticeable when the ball hits a stationary flipper.  I have added some coding that allows you to table to play without using BAM version 1.4-233 or later but I don't like the way it performs because it turns off these flipper enhancements.  You really should try Dynamic Flippers. 


I changed the way the HUD Toggle Key works on version 1.2.  All you need to do is press the HUD Toggle Key to toggle the heads up display (HUD) off and on.  The setting is then saved to the fpRam file in your Future Pinball folder.  When you close the table and open the table the next time, the setting will be the same as you set it up in the previous session.  Version 1.1 required you to make a change in the script to change the HUD's default setting.  Now you just set it and forget it. 


I performed a modification to the plunger so it operates more smoothly.  It allows better control of the ball when it is launched.  The plunger mod does require that you hold the plunger down a bit longer than on previous versions of the table.  Just press the plunger key and hold it.  Then watch the plunger withdraw and then release it at the desired point.  It won't work if you press the plunger key and immediately release it.


There is a trick I learned that may help your game play.  You will always want to hit the ball with the left main flipper so you can then hit the kicker that goes to the upper part of the playfield.  When you have the ball at the right flipper, hit the wall between the grave stone targets and the upper flipper.  The ball will the bounce off the wall and hit the bottom of the upper flipper.  It will then bounce over to the right slingshot.  Then hopefully, the ball will the go to the left flipper so you can hit the kicker and knock it to the upper level.  Here you should try to hit the "Sewer" so you start multiball. 


I hope you enjoy this table mod,





*** Version 1.1 ***


I have revised Ruckage's "Hungry Dead" which is about ... you may have guessed it ... Zombies!  I know it is corny and cheesy but I love it!  The rules set for the table is quite simple.  I needed something easier to work on after working on the very complex "Creature from the Black Lagoon".  I thought about holding this release until just before Halloween, but I decided to go ahead and release it.  Although It would be perfect for Halloween, I like playing it any time. 


Having been built in 2005, this is the oldest table I have ever revised.  If you sort all the tables on Pinsimdb in ascending order, revision 1.0 of this table is listed as the sixth oldest.  It has no ramps, mini-playfields or upper/lower playfields.  I don't think Future Pinball could support any of that at the time.  Even though it is simple, the table configuration is challenging to play and the art and sounds are kind of creepy in a fun way.  The Heads Up Display (HUD) is pretty unique.  It uses textures that are loaded in Future Pinball's texture manager for the numeric displays so the font can have a different appearance.  As you might guess, the script for driving the displays is unique as well but it works.  The table uses segmented displays on the backboard for the same data as the HUD and I have never seen a disagreement between the two displays. 


I created custom physics for this table.  If you want the ball to be faster, you can increase the slope to 9.  You can also increase the ball mass up to 76 and the gravity up to 5500.  The higher the setting, the faster the ball will play.  BAM has a way where you can adjust these parameters in real time.  After you open the BAM menu, you arrow down to "DEV Options" and press "Enter'.  Then you arrow down to "Physics Tweaks" and press "Enter".  "Slope", "Ball Mass" and "Gravity" are the first three parameters listed on the screen.  After you make changes, you will need to use the option "Save tableName.xml" to save your changes.  I also found that Physics 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and Slamt1lt's 2.7 work on this table also. 


When I first opened Version 1.0 of this table, I was surprised at the size of the objects on the HUD.  One of the first things I did was to reduce their size.  After playing it a few times, I noticed that it had no display for the number of balls so I added one for both the HUD and the backboard.  Yes I figured out how to add this using the existing textures and how to use frames which was new to me. 


I found an omission in the script.  Most tables have a light between the main flippers that indicates when the ball saver is active.  This table has the light but it never turned on when the ball saver was active so I added it to the script. 


I also added my usual HUD mod to the script that makes the HUD toggle key work and you can change whether the game starts with the HUD turned on or off.  I thought it was interesting that the original table had the ability to turn the HUD on and off by pressing the letter "O".  I am guessing that the designated HUD toggle key must have appeared in later versions of Future Pinball.  I changed the script to use the HUD toggle key so pressing the letter "O" won't work anymore. 


I added a line to the script that allows you to change the number of balls per game. 


The table has a "Clock" that appears during 'Zombie Massacre' and 'Zombie Hunt' so you know how much time remains to complete these tasks.  The clock only appeared on the HUD so I added it to a location on the backboard also.  The clock only appears when it is counting down during these tasks and is invisible the rest of the time.  


When I played this table, I found it was difficult to get the ball up the lane that starts multiball.  It's pretty much a luck shot to hit it using the main flippers.  I made some changes to the lane that make it a little easier to hit it with the upper flipper.  It is still not an easy shot but I think it is better now. 


The original table didn't have a loading screen image so I couldn't resist adding one.  Actually, I created two of them and couldn't decide which one I like best so saved both.  You can change the image to the alternate by opening Future Pinball's editor and clicking on the "Table" pull down menu and selecting "Table Info".  Then change the "Loading Picture" from "Loading1" to "Loading2".  "Loading2" is a higher resolution image so you may not want to try this if you have a lower end PC.


I noticed that when I launched the ball with the full force of the plunger, it would sometimes bounce off the gate that is supposed to release it onto the playfield and roll back down to the plunger.  I change the gate to a different model which makes it work better now. 


I created a simple game room that has a floor and back wall mainly for the guys that have virtual reality headsets. 


Finally, I created a version for a display that has been rotated 90 degrees.  If you try this version, please post some feedback.


The download includes wheel art from the original table in case you use Hyperpin or PinballX.  



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