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top100listinfo on 2021-01-28
Table version : 1.34

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maria012 on 2021-01-13
Table version : 1.34

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asad664 on 2020-09-21
Table version : 1.34

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Porchish73 on 2020-01-14
Table version : 1.34

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Jimmyowler on 2019-04-26
Table version : 1.34

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stewart1234 on 2019-02-21
Table version : 1.34

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Michel121 on 2018-05-15
Table version : 1.32

many thanks!

Alfaromeo1972 on 2018-03-18
Table version : 1.30

Besten Dank! Cool

rjx2 on 2018-03-11
Table version : 1.30


LadyScarlett01 on 2018-02-10
Table version : 1.09

merci bien.

cestmoi on 2018-02-10
Table version : 1.09


message : manque HQ_solenoid.fpl au chargement

La table semble tourner quand même



merci pour le lien

Aduke on 2018-02-10
Table version : 1.09

Oups ! Tu as raison, j'ai été distrait...


HQ_solenoid.fpl is missing here, but the game is playable anyway, will not modfied it now.


If you really want it, download my previous table "lesMills BodyAttack", you'll find exactly the same fpl file

police99 on 2018-02-10
Table version : 1.09


Table detail

Fortnite Battle Royale 1.34 stats

byAduke homepage

Even if I'm programming The Walking Dead pinball, I want to still make originals tables. (Actually, I make a pause with it, no necessary to continue if DMD don't follow)

Custom physics avaiable in zip file.


1.33 b : The table has update (see patch note) but I forgot to update a last time the archive before uploading. So if you have download the 1.33, re-download it. Sorry for that guys.


First thing : This pinball is hard, don't worry if balls go to drain, you must play more & more to take it (That why it has 5 balls per games & building popups)


A unexcepted release must arrive after a let's play on the 1.32 with a very good game. That where I see a big mistake that it not allow the player to reach Battle Royale multiball. Video with comments :

What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v1.34:
- New game over music from season 3-5
- Fortnite's drop targets keep in memory for next ball.
- "Tomato Town" renamed to "Tomato Temple"
- Added "Victory Royale" topper.
- Extra ball now lit every 4 citites.

 What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v1.33:
- New apron personal texture.
- Strom Multiball start bugs. Fixed.
- Musics reset during last 1 multiball sometimes. Fixed.
- Build menu not avaiable anymore during storm multiball (due to strom MB bugs).
- New mystery system. Extra ball & special chances reduce.
- Flush Factory & Lucky Landing not reset for new game. Fixed.
- Added "same player shoot again" display when player must play his extra ball.
- Map update to season 5 map. This won't change the game, it's just design.
- Slingshots plastics changed.

What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v1.32:
- Pinball based now with somes new features from season 4
- Map update to season 4 map
- Bush trigger error, the second one didn't work. Fixed
- Re-balance building ressources addition
- New musics & sounds
- Add lama bonus

- Few minor & major bugs fixes


What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v1.30:
- Playfield texture more complete & improved
- Super skill shot if ball goes to the storm kicker, award 4x skill shot value
- All cities are playable, mission are differents, multiballs or timers.
- Sniper hurryup mode added.
- Somes decal added
- Mystery "Add a ball","relit kills" features added.
- Eliminations are always lit. It was not a jackpot anymore.
- Elimination require 50 kills. It was 10 before.
- Elimination score increase by 5,000.
- Fast Scoring now start by complete "MINIGUN". It was just "FAST" before.
- Double scoring now start by completing "CROSSBOW". It was "DOUBLE" before.
- Added "Last One standing" multiball mode.
- Collect a weapon now start a small one shot video mode.
- Items are collectable
- Build protection are now avaiable in the left kicker.
- Bush sneak in award you kill sometimes.
- Battle Royale Multiball playable. Was just giving 50M points before.

- Mystery didn't stop mission timer. This is fixed now.
- Storm multiball was not ready sometimes after a multiball. This is fixed now.
- Extra ball was give immediatly after a mystery. This was moved to the left kicker and replaced by "Build menu"

- Name cities skill shot give now a random name where you're take on. (just design)
- Elimination give a random name on a list. (just design)
- Lots of news sounds added.

- Code optimisation
- Minor bugs fixes


Tell me if you're victim of a bug or something wrong/not normal to happend (stuck balls). 

Pour information, je parle aussi Francais si vous préférez ;)


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