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tito on 2018-12-04
Table version : 2

Super travail les gars !

Great job guys !

merci beaucoup / Thank you so much 

chelochelini2014 on 2018-04-27
Table version : 2

You guys are amazing, thanks for you great work

TT11 on 2018-02-26
Table version : 2

Downloaded the Desktop Only version and it loads up perfectly in my Cabinet - so no need to worry about that

LadyScarlett01 on 2018-02-25
Table version : 2

merci bien.

GeorgeH on 2018-02-24
Table version : 2

Thanks RingMaster.  The original table was built by Rom who was one of the best table builders ever,  You might search on his name to find his other tables. For some reason, this table had more bugs than his other tables.  My only part in this was to fix the known bugs and add a couple of new features. 


TT11 - Sorry I don't have a cabinet where I could test a cab version.  I would have liked to create a DOFLinx version but can't test it.  The best I could do was to provide the ability to turn the HUD off when the game starts.  You do need BAM for it.  You might try starting with the CFG file that I creeated for the rotated display but save it to the other version of the table.  It might give you a start although the top of the table will be too narrow but shouldn't be too difficult to fix.




RingMaster on 2018-02-24
Table version : 2

One of the best original Future Pinball table, i've ever played ! Really professional table. Thanks a lot ! Smile

police99 on 2018-02-24
Table version : 2


Table detail

Masters of the Universe Mastered Edition 2 stats

byGeorgeH, Gimli, Hyperion, rom, TerryRed


I have to thank TerryRed for adding video to this table and for creating a desktop version.  I played this table quite a bit several years ago after I downloaded it the first time but I stopped playing in favor of other tables.  Terry's version rekindled my interest and the videos definitely increase the fun factor.  I never intended to modify this table but after Terry posted his version, the guys started posting problems with it on the GoPinball forum.  Gimli fixed a bug in the script.  I started making changes and we ended up addressing all the problems that were posted.  So here it is, a version with all the fixes! 


After Terry posted the DOFLinx and desktop version, he posted an MX version where he made a change to the video.  When you press the start key without adding coins first, a video would play where Skeletor would say "You try my patience".  This is the same video that plays when you hit the center target on the front of the Roton (the object on which Skeletor sits).  Terry changed the video so Skeletor now says "You royal boob!".  I think this is a good change so I incorporated it into this version. 


In addition to Terry's videos, there is a screen on the playfield above the launch lane that displays video.  It originally had a green line around the perimeter of the screen.  I removed the green line and expanded the playback area of the video to fill the screen all the way to the edges.  It makes the video easier to see.  It might seem that I made the whole screen larger but I only enlarged the playback area on the existing screen. 


The first thing I created for this version was custom physics which includes adjusting strengths of the different objects on the table and the angles of the flippers. 


There was a bug that has existed in the first version of this table and was never fixed in all the various versions that have been created of this table until now.  During 9 ball multiball, a ball would often get lost which ends the game play.  The table was originally provided with some cheat codes such that you can press "K" which would pulse all kickers once to help bust loose balls that are stuck in the kickers.  If that didn't work, you could press "B" to add a ball.  I discovered a ball would often get stuck in a kicker inside the Roton when 9 ball multiball starts.  The space simply isn't big enough for 8 balls to be added there.  My fix was to simply add 4 balls to the Roton at the start of multiball and then add 4 more balls after the Roton gate opens.  I also found that 9 ball multiball messes up badly when the ball saver is active.  The ball saver just can't keep up with all the balls on the table.  My fix disables the ball saver when multiball starts.  It is pretty unlikely that the ball saver will still be active when multiball starts so you probably won't even notice this change.  I kept the "K" and "B" cheat codes in the script but I don't think you will ever need them. 


I created what I call a "Sound Level Control Panel" in the script.  I found that the sounds on the table weren't balanced very well.  The control panel appears in the script and any end user can makes changes.  You just need to read the notes at the beginning of it for the instructions.  I had to make a large number of adjustments to get the sound right.  I created this using the method I described in the tutorial at this link:


One of the guys had a problem where you always have to type in your initials even if you don't have a high score.  Gimli revised part of the script to fix this. 


I was struggling to be able to read the small font size for the number of balls, player and credits on the Dot Matrix Display (DMD).  I figured out a way to make the font bigger but still fit in the same space on the DMD. 


I added a HUD Toggle Key mod that makes the HUD toggle key work and also adds a way to turn the HUD off when the game starts which is useful to guys that have cabinets.  When you open the script, there are comments at the beginning of it that tell you how to change the default setting for turning the HUD on and off.    


I added a new loading screen that I think match Terry's new videos better.  You can change back to the old one if you like it better.  The original texture is named "MOTU Load Image1". 


I addressed several stuck ball issues.  1) I changed the left ramp so I think that balls will get stuck at the top of the ramp less often.  There is a trigger there where the ball gets stuck.  I replaced the wire trigger with a star trigger.  I have found that star triggers don't have any affect on the ball.  2) I noticed that balls would sometimes get stuck around the drain so I moved the drain a bit that improves this.  The improvement is most noticeable during 9 ball multiball.  3) I would sometimes get the ball stuck in the orbit that goes around the back of the table.  I made some changes to a wall back there.


The very first version of this table that was posted in 2012 included a high resolution version of the playfield and plastics.  I added these textures to this table.  It looks much better now.  I included the low resolution textures in the download in case your PC doesn't have enough memory.  Just delete the existing textures in the texture manager that have the same name as the low resolution ones and add the files. 


I like TerryRed's new translite although I rebuilt it.  My changes make it look exactly the same as it did but it saves 10 MB on the overall file size of the table.  Unfortunately, the higher resolution textures that I discussed above increase the file size by about 8 MB. 


One of the guys had a problem with the ball being thrown up on top of an invisible surface that is intended to keep balls from flying off the table.  I was never able to repeat the problem but I extended this surface to cover more of the table.  It must have worked because I didn't get anymore comments about it. 


I also added a code that extends the high score overflow limit from about 2 billion points to about 922 trillion which requires BAM version v1.4-183 or higher.  If you are using an older version of BAM, the table will play but the high score overflow limit will be about 2 billion.  I haven't had a problem with high score overflow on this table but it doesn't hurt to add the code. 


I don't know to what extent anyone is interested, but I created a version of this table for a PC monitor that is rotated 90 degrees so it is in a portrait orientation.  I included a screenshot of the table oriented this way on the images tab.  I prefer to play my favorite tables like this.  The download includes set up instructions.  I posted this version as a separate download. 


When I reworked the sound, I found a large number of sounds and a few other files that were saved to the table but never used.  I removed them but saved them to a separate download in case table developers have a need for them.  I posted the files as a separate download so you probably won't want to download it unless you plan to revise the table. 



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