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rjx2 on 2018-06-30
Table version : 2.06


police99 on 2018-06-12
Table version : 2.06


LadyScarlett01 on 2018-06-12
Table version : 2.06

merci bien.

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LesMills Body Combat 2.15 stats

byAduke homepage

Where's the v1.xx? I killed it lol... (picture avaiable for curious if you want to see my old project)

The 3rd & 2nd "LesMills" pinball finally released.


It was made & test on default physic & custom one, I don't know for others physics. If someone want to test and report, do it and thanks in advance ! ;)

If somebody want to tweak mine to have a better gameplay experience, sure do it and thanks in advance to send it to me.

Recommaned to use BAM 1.83+, even with default physic, this can avoid to crash at the 2 147 483 647 score limit value. This pinball sometimes give you lots of points, so in a good game ...


A preview? Here's one in v2.09 Beta :

What's new in LesMills BodyCombat v2.15 :
- Anormal but possible to cumulate Stree fight & Muay Thai multiball. Fixed.
- Jackpot not counting if music was finished by timer. Fixed.
- Jab movement not reset if music was ended by timer. Fixed
- Award lights sometimes blink where it must not do. Fixed.
- Combo shot end bonus display bug. Fixed
- Less rare "Hurryup" quick mystery award (in normal game mode only). 2x chance to get it.


What's new in LesMills BodyCombat v2.14 :
- New apron personal texture.
- Playfield texture more complete & improved.
- Plastics texture correction.
- Somes musics loops in plunger lane not corect. Fixed.
- Upper Lock can be accessed by autoplunger. This give sometimes automaticly muay thai multiball. Fixed.
- Center kicker give twice time a bonus before. Fixed.
- Super spinner didn't stop in some cases after a new ball. Fixed.
- Mystery HUD display error. Fixed
- New mystery system. Extra ball & special chances reduce.
- "Jab" lanes was unset when ball saver has been expired during a music mode. Fixed.
- KickBack ball saver recovery didn't work proprely. Fixed.
- KickBack now stay enable when ball saver is active.
- Incorrect display information in some cases.
- Movements in game is easier, "FIGHTER" letters complete faster.
- Random default start music between "combat" & "power training", it was always set to "combat" music by default.
- Inverted Hook & Uppercut movement during music mode. Fixed.
- Added hurryUp mode.
- Added "smart punch" super skill shot.
- Added "same player shoot again" display when player must play his extra ball.
- More informations abouts movements left during a music mode.
- More flashes when ball get out of kickers.
- Wizard mode playable. Nothing special happen before. (Rachel Vs Dan)
- Combo shots left add end of ball bonus in your last ball.
- Lots of news sounds added.
- Lights animations (sequencer) added.

- Replay score now at 45 000 000
- Code optimisation
- Minor bugs fixes


Something else we need to know before playing game?
 - The "S" key allow you to use the center button of the pinball
 - Real locks present
 - 1 To 4 can play
 - 5 Balls per game by default (too hard on 3)
 - If ball is locked, a ball search is present (don't exit table)
 - Hold for instant info to know Current music title and artist.

 - Complete musics have been downgraded to a very low quality. (I can't share you copyright music like this without doing that). Shorts loop still normal. Don't hesitate to replace it if you have one in a good quality (or even something else, make your own game).

I'm open for suggestion if it's interresting of course and if I got time, and tell me if you're victim of a bug or something wrong/not normal to happend. An first update will come to complete it.

Pour information, je parle aussi Francais si vous préférez ;)


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