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ConnorLawson on 2020-07-02
Table version : 0.99

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jon_frota on 2018-05-13
Table version : 0.99

BlindMankind tables are simply the best!!

josecabello on 2016-03-15
Table version : 0.99

Magnifica Table Incluida en mis favoritas.GraciasCool

ghostmachine on 2014-09-14
Table version : 0.99

Cool 5 stars all the way. really good.

kunghi on 2014-03-04
Table version : 0.99

Very Professional!!!Cool

This table is realy good - fun all over.

Keep up the great work!


saltydonut on 2013-10-19
Table version : 0.99

yes i play this more than i make my wife happy!

CANDS on 2013-08-27
Table version : 0.99


Williamz on 2013-02-18
Table version : 0.99

ca marche pas mais alors pas du tout dommageYell

shadowsclassics on 2012-11-30
Table version : 0.99

Amazing, this game is gorgious and the game play is pure addicting. 

rebooter on 2012-10-28
Table version : 0.99

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

valmont1702 on 2012-08-24
Table version : 0.99

I'm still not 100% convinced about the interrest of this pinball. Some ideas are cool but sometime, the sensation aren't so great... 
By the way the realisation by BlindMankind is perfect. 

Rodrigo C on 2012-08-15
Table version : 0.99

Table version : 0.99

bombata on 2012-07-07
Table version : 0.99

Don't miss out this one, an absolute beauty!

Full of thrill and fun. Addictive, rewarding, creative, original, unique!


mortuus on 2012-06-21
Table version : 0.99

insane table. one of the coolest and best looking there is.

carburo on 2012-05-24
Table version : 0.99

I love this table!

Maybe the best of Future Pinball tables ever!

BernieGeorge on 2012-03-31
Table version : 0.99

Thank you.

pixeloza on 2012-03-15
Table version : 0.99

Absolutely fanstastic work! Thank you!

malfusion1 on 2011-12-28
Table version : 0.99

Anything less than 5/5 would be an insult-unreal

brgljez on 2011-11-28
Table version : 0.99

top10 for sure

crs_br on 2011-11-03
Table version : 0.99

very fun

police99 on 2011-08-09
Table version : 0.99

WoW! Super table.
Merci! Thanks.

tormenta on 2011-06-20
Table version : 0.99

one of the best!

clickaus on 2011-03-03
Table version : 0.99

My favorite table. Thx guys

rcadefrk on 2011-01-30
Table version : 0.99

One of the Best

Helirist on 2011-01-17
Table version : 0.99

Simply:"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" would Mary P. said

fritzy on 2011-01-12
Table version : 0.99

a wonderful work of pure pinball art fantastic much much kudos

Aduke on 2011-01-02
Table version : 0.99

Just exellent.

But you can see the end here :

I don't cheat for this video but i lost the battle

Numiah on 2011-01-02
Table version : 0.99

Brilliant table !

BETA-TESTER on 2010-12-31
Table version : 0.99

hi all,

you like "DEAD HUNTERS" and "THREE ANGELS" and you never saw the final end of them ?

here you can watch and download in Full HD...

... happy new year!

superseb on 2010-12-06
Table version : 0.99

Amazing, Thank you

chivato on 2010-09-25
Table version : 0.99


Sepeteus on 2010-05-27
Table version : 0.99

Genius. Really work of art.

frankable on 2010-03-18
Table version : 0.99

and before this, i thought a table needed a bunch of bumpers to get stuck in to be good!

Todd on 2010-02-16
Table version : 0.99

This is one of those tables that makes you realize how talented people can be. This pretty much sets the bar in terms of quality for FP tables. The graphics are crisp, colorful, and gorgeous. Sound is awesome, and the gameplay is fantastic! If you only download one or two tables, make this one of them. It's breathtaking. I can't wait to see what's next!

venom9122 on 2010-01-26
Table version : 0.99

Absolute genius, I think I enjoy this more than any actual pinball machine I've played, the rules are fantastic!

HappyHour on 2009-10-31
Table version : 0.99

This one is a monster pinball machine! Beautifull graphics and effects, wonderfull music and soundeffects usage. This one is an artistic masterpiece!

dgill on 2009-10-27
Table version : 0.99

Brilliant !!!

khomodo on 2009-07-19
Table version : 0.99

wow, my jaws dropped into the floor when i first played this table ! Everything is perfet just a little hard for a not so good player like me... still have not figured how to unlock the last part ! Blindmankind group your tables are always wonderful !

SLAMT1LT on 2009-06-02
Table version : 0.99

Pinball perfection, it doesn't get any better than this....or maybe it does?

illy on 2009-04-30
Table version : 0.99

You definitely know how to put out quality tables. I'm simply amazed by all your offerings, and this one is just a blast! Quality in every part of the package.

neo234 on 2009-03-30
Table version : 0.99

Du boulot de premier chois!

metalgod on 2008-11-01
Table version : 0.99

This is the table that I liked most.Still have to said it's kind of difficult.
But it's very original and look like a big developers company.Good work!

moegly on 2008-07-26
Table version : 0.99

there isnt much new things i can say about this table which havent been said before but this table is amazing and i think must be everyones favourite table BLINDMANKIND are a great group i cant wait to se what else is to come from these people also a great site they have too, will be my most fav table for a long time and ive played these tables for a few years now and never seen anything like this

moog on 2007-12-19
Table version : 0.99

What to say... this table is almost unbelievable, pushing the limits of Future pinball. At first sight, you might think there's not much to do. But after one or two games, you should change your state of mind. There's a lot of stuff to do and they are really fun to discover !

Dope on 2007-10-17
Table version : 0.99

Overwhelming possibilities, perfect graphics and sounds, good ballflow .
State of the art

galimah on 2007-05-24
Table version : 0.99

Wohoo i like this table a LOT. Seems simple at first. My first impression was that this table was for kids but it was pretty hard. The table are somehow a little empty but there are a lots of cool stuff to do anyway. I love all the lights and voices. Getting to wiz mode is a joy. Cool homepage for the game also. Road girls and Three Angels are still better but this one is still fully equal to a comercial produkt.

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Dead Hunters 0.99 stats

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