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Jeuytbers on 2020-11-16
Table version : 2.22

Nintensega, Who is good in playing games? Tell me if here any of you are able to play and win these rushmyessay reviews games. If i find anyone then i must guide or must providing him or her chances to won game and take it with them.

Aduke on 2019-08-02
Table version : 2.21

@LadyScarlett01 : Merci du feedback, C'est corrigé (2.19)

@fuzzi23 : Thanks, so stay alert for the next version with more modes.

@SLAMT1LT : Thanks

SLAMT1LT on 2019-08-01
Table version : 2.21

Thank you, Your work is appreciated.

fuzzi23 on 2018-07-20
Table version : 2.10

Nice table, I like it. Thank you. :D

LadyScarlett01 on 2018-07-18
Table version : 2.10

merci bien.

Just for infos:

Script error: line 1961

variable non d finie: 'HurryUp Value'


police99 on 2018-07-18
Table version : 2.10


Table detail

NintenSega 2.22 stats

byAduke homepage

The universe of Pokemon, Mario & Sonic in one single pinball.


The pinball still have tinies issue due to a bad gamecode from v1.x (I wasn't good at all in 2010/2011...). Take the script back and try to fix everything is a bit time consuming.


Merry christmas everyone, and a gift from me for you :) : This new version of nintenSega


Thanks for BAM for it's custom physics & FP bugs fixes.


Want to see a gameplay? No problem :


What's news in v2.22:
- Special award via mystery not working. Fixed
- Skill shot off after a ball save.
- Sega drop targets scoring always print in 1x multiplier playfield. Fixed
- Awards texts on playfield now in 8bit style.
- Print Multiball is ready on display.
- Ball Saved sound missing. Fixed
- Anti-aliasing in some textures.
- More flasher animation.
- More GI animation.
- More playfield lights animation.


 What's news in v2.21:
- Added more realistic effect sound
- Ring mode display information
- Jackpot/Super Jackpot steps not working well at all. Fixed
- Pokemon mode set text when advance it + sound. Nothing before
- Mario Mode bumper start now at 20 then 30. It was 15 & 25 before.
- Sonic Mode must now collect 20 then 30 rings. It was set by a specific bad rule
- Sonic Mode display changed.
- Mario coin cumulable for small awards.
- Add "EGG" letters decal in multipler lanes.
- code optimisation
- minor bug fixes


What's news in v2.20:
- Mystery not given when playing with a pokemon character. Fixed
- Kickback didn't work proprely in some condition. Fixed
- Multiplier scoring increase by 7 seconds instead 4.5 seconds.
- Mario mode now start at 15 bumpers. It was 25 before.
- Sonic mode start with 5 bonus rings.
- Modes not reset proprely after a Eggman Attack. Fixed
- Start end of ball bonus at 5K instead 1K.
- Add Auto catch ball in Mario mode and Evolution multiball if you hit the rubber just above.
- Mario Coins collection give 1 bumper advance in Mario mode.


What's news in v2.19 :

- Playfield Drawing improvement.
- added more GI lights.
- Added new texts.
- Add versus modes (HEDGEHOG, POKEBALL, MUSHROOM), not a primary mission.
- Add a ball mystery not working. Fixed.
- Add HurryUp mode.
- Memory for Sonic & Mario modes, it was always reset before.
- Multiplier scoring can grow up to 5x, it was 2x before
- You can catch a ball to get to upper playfield easier by shooting pokeball target.
- Multiball drop targets texture changed to "EVO" style from pokemon.
- Multiball name "Evolution multiball", it was written "NintenSega multiball" before.
- Variable jackpot for evolution multiball.
- Multiball can be started while a mission is active.
- Double value error sometimes. Fixed
- Outlane specials not working. Fixed
- Scoring recalibration. Easier to get a higher score.
- More user information display.
- code optimisation
- minor bug fixes

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex