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ozoran on 2018-08-21
Table version : V100

bravo    very good  table !!!

jimdigris on 2018-07-23
Table version : V100

dkerin, thanks, this was my first table built from scratch using the standard "new table" template, not a mod of someone elses work, though I did use Martin Brunker's bonus script (with permission from him, and Martin helped in getting the bonus to be collected at the saucer, something that didnt work using his standard script). It was aslo the first time I have done a DMD. Next up is a widebody table probably going to be called "Balls Of Steel" with a Duke Nukem theme


Tii on 2018-07-22
Table version : V100



dkerin on 2018-07-21
Table version : V100

Thanks so much for this!   One of my favorite movies and between this table and your LIS B-9, I think we have similar entertainment interests.   Fun table and curious what you might be thinking of next! (I don't know why the movie Damnation Alley just popped into my mind)

fuzzi23 on 2018-07-18
Table version : V100

Nice job mate. Many thanks for this nice table. :D

LadyScarlett01 on 2018-07-17
Table version : V100

merci bien.

police99 on 2018-07-17
Table version : V100

Merci! funny table.

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Logan's Run V100 stats


Solid State style table with DMDs with theme based on the 1976 movie "Logan's Run"

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