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christiebrwn80 on 2020-11-16
Table version : 1.0

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droud on 2020-11-16
Table version : 1.0

Load table in future pinball but do not launch. On the right there is a glossiness setting. Mine was set to 1. move slider to 2 and save table. This worked due to a flaw in bam. This setting will allow the table to work. Note: instructions said set to 1 but mine was already on 1 so I set my table to 2. This fixed it but if not for you try higher or lower setting. There are no numbers on slider just lines so line 1 is one and line 2 is 2 and so forth and so on. Good Luck. Table will work once you set the correct Glossiness. Also I am using the latest bam so flaw still exists. This will correct it.

pinnutz on 2020-10-23
Table version : 1.0

If your talking about the Glossiness slider I slid it all the way to the left. Saved the table. Closed it. Reopened it and it still crashes. That was one of the previous suggestions I tried. If there is another Preferences I should be using let me know.


Thanks for the two suggestions but neither one worked. Kind of sucks I really want to run this table. I've tried the DOFLinx version also and it does the same thing.


Anyone else having trouble running this table. Every other FP table I have installed runs fine. When I press play on this table FP just disapears.  Here is the BAM Crash Log. Any help would be appreciated.

------------------- BAM crash-report -------------

  BAM path: C:\Games\Future Pinball\BAM

       XML: C:\Games\Future Pinball\Tables\

     table: C:\Games\Future Pinball\Tables\FUTURAMA.fpt

         1: TAG: FILE=dllmain.cpp, LINE=709, FUNC=Routed_SwapBuffers

         2: TAG: FILE=dllmain.cpp, LINE=726, FUNC=Routed_SwapBuffers

       SBC: -1

       NFC: 17

Loaded modules:

Future Pinball.exe, 1.9.2008.1225 : 00400000 - 01F3F000

ntdll.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 779A0000 - 77B43000

KERNEL32.DLL, 6.2.19041.546 : 77710000 - 77800000

KERNELBASE.dll, 6.2.19041.572 : 76880000 - 76A94000

USER32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76E10000 - 76FA6000

win32u.dll, 6.2.19041.572 : 77310000 - 77328000

GDI32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76660000 - 76683000

COMCTL32.dll, 6.10.19041.488 : 71D30000 - 71F42000

Newton.dll,  : 10000000 - 10071000

gdi32full.dll, 6.2.19041.572 : 77230000 - 7730A000

msvcp_win.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 77610000 - 7768B000

msvcrt.dll, 7.0.19041.546 : 75E20000 - 75EDF000

ucrtbase.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 77870000 - 77990000

COMDLG32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76D60000 - 76E0F000

combase.dll, 6.2.19041.572 : 75EE0000 - 76161000

RPCRT4.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76710000 - 767CA000

shcore.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76BD0000 - 76C57000

SHLWAPI.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 761D0000 - 76215000

SHELL32.dll, 6.2.19041.572 : 75860000 - 75E12000

ADVAPI32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76690000 - 76709000

sechost.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76C60000 - 76CD5000

ole32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 77040000 - 77123000

OLEAUT32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 767E0000 - 76876000

DINPUT8.dll, 6.2.19041.1 : 729B0000 - 729E7000

GLU32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 71650000 - 7168F000

fmod.dll, : 02670000 - 02706000

ILUT.dll, : 02130000 - 0213D000

ILU.dll, : 02710000 - 02723000

libcurl.dll, : 02730000 - 027CD000

DevIL.dll, : 027D0000 - 02943000

OPENGL32.dll,  : 02950000 - 02C3B000

MSACM32.dll, 6.2.19041.1 : 71250000 - 71269000

WINMM.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 74730000 - 74758000

WSOCK32.dll, 6.2.19041.1 : 71D20000 - 71D28000

WININET.dll, 11.0.19041.546 : 63650000 - 63AA8000

winmmbase.dll, 6.2.19041.1 : 71230000 - 7124D000

WS2_32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 771C0000 - 77223000

imagehlp.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76D40000 - 76D59000

IMM32.DLL, 6.2.19041.546 : 77190000 - 771B5000

BAM.dll, 1.5.317.0 : 6F860000 - 6FED8000

PSAPI.DLL, 6.2.19041.546 : 767D0000 - 767D6000

SETUPAPI.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76220000 - 76654000

cfgmgr32.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 76170000 - 761AB000

VERSION.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 74BC0000 - 74BC8000

bcrypt.dll, 6.2.19041.546 : 761B0000 - 761C9000

HID.DLL, 6.2.19041.546 : 739F0000 - 739FA000

renderingengine.dll,  : 6F330000 - 6F858000


Error code C0000005: ACCESS VIOLATION


   Address: 00000001 -> UNKNOWN:00000001

     Flags: 00000000


  Fault Occured At $ADDRESS:00000001 ->UNKNOWN:00000001

         with 8B 0E 01 CD AA 2C 9F 92 E0 9B 14 02 


   Address: 71B913A2 -> UNKNOWN:71B913A2

***  0 called from $ADDRESS:71B913A2



   Address: 00439B46 -> Future Pinball.exe:00039B46

***  1 called from $ADDRESS:00439B46

 Thanks for the two suggestions but neither one worked. Kind of sucks I really want to run this table. I've tried the DOFLinx version also and it does the same thing.

pedropires1976 on 2020-10-23
Table version : 1.0

in table preferences set GLOSSINESS to 1 then save the table, launch it and your good 

sergiosalaman on 2020-10-22
Table version : 1.0

pinnutz, It's some kind of bug in the latest versions of BAM. It seems that setting the glossiness to the minimum makes BAM CRASH. Changing the glossiness to 1 solves the problem. Don't forget to save the table.



Arcade mode backglass issue, open, go to MODELS and delete or rename the 354.MODELS file (Custom Game Room).

kevinbear on 2020-08-31
Table version : 1.0

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David67876 on 2020-08-12
Table version : 1.0


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Grover on 2020-08-10
Table version : 1.0

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kevinbear741 on 2020-08-10
Table version : 1.0

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Major Frenchy on 2020-05-19
Table version : 1.0

This table is Fantastic and very fun to play. Thank you very much for making it

madfox on 2019-11-26
Table version : 1.0

Great game! One of my favourites. Can't stop playing.

Many thanks for this terrefictable!!!Tongue out

GlenMaxwel on 2019-09-21
Table version : 1.0

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charlie27 on 2019-08-19
Table version : 1.0

can get the backglass to show but on cab mode i dont see any other art at the back of the playfield the tvs i only see the big vending machine and thats it no extra ball hud or other tvs


djfraleo on 2019-07-08
Table version : 1.0


I repeat all your suggestions, so I now have a backglass in my second monitor, XML malefica's file, change both kickers.  But the beverage machine always keep the ball inside.

What I've found is when changing the kicker BevKicker1 physics type to VerticalUpKicker, and changing the tick to one value abaove the minimun only, it works everytime! 

Thanks everyone for your comments.


GeorgeH on 2019-06-29
Table version : 1.0


If you used the XML I recommended, you need to increase the strength of the 2 kickers under both suicide booths to 4 ticks above minimum.  You need to read what I wrote again.  



I added this table to my favorite list of tables with comments on how I changed it:


I played this table for a couple of hours yesterday and it is really cool.  I managed to get a 15 million score though some of you will probably do better.  I didn't notice it had a game room until someone mentioned it.  Make sure you have "Render the Game Room" checked on the "Video / Rendering Options".  The room looks like it is from the show.  


This is one of the best new tables I have seen in a while.


If you would like, I can create some custom physics for your next version.




Very nice table.  Beautiful lighting and models.  I would recommend adding a bit more light to the small playfield.  You might want to add an XML file for the physics.  You could add it to your ZIP file.  I always start with Malifica's XML that you can get here:



Bigsession on 2019-06-15
Table version : 1.0

cabinet version cominb with tweaks. Great Table.minor twaeks as table played slow on full size cabinet. g   

slicky on 2019-06-13
Table version : 1.0

Table version 1.0


Thank you for the suggestion. That's an awsome list by the way!


Got backglass working in my can by renaming 354. Models file AND then adding a decal to layer 9 of the translite. To do this: click on translate, then enable all layers (the numbers in the lower left). Then click on special (bottom of screen). Select "decal" from the list. Then click somewhere on the translite. (A small blue box will appear). On  the right side of the screen click on Image and select BACKGLASS. Do not change the size etc. Just save it and test. 

Please note that I may have deleted "translite" in the Model Manager as well.. Sorry I just don't remember.


Awsome Table! Unfortunately, I still can't see the backglass on my cab... I tried both deleting and renaming the 354.MODELS file.

SLAMT1LT on 2019-05-21
Table version : 1.0

What a piece of art!  I can see all the hours of work that went into this, and I appreciate your effort.  One of the best original FP games I've played.  Looking forward to more of your work.

xenonph on 2019-05-20
Table version : 1.0

Looks great!!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Carry on.

toyotaboy on 2019-05-19
Table version : 1.0

pretty dam fun table!  I'm digging the side flippers, feels like pong.

jimdigris on 2019-05-08
Table version : 1.0

great machine, really great game play, lovely lighting. Had a problem after I got all the mini table targets for the million bonus, after the ball drained it just seemed to not know that the ball drained

77petit on 2019-05-06
Table version : 1.0

Trés bon Flipper, MerciWink

BIL on 2019-05-03
Table version : 1.0


This table is really very beautiful and also very original Surprised Thank you very much for your wonderful work Wink

Whitey Weissman on 2019-04-29
Table version : 1.0

What a gorgeous looking table!

Fun to play & stays true to its theme.

Great job!!!


P.S.: For those of you that don't have the "Render Game Room" option enabled and are therfor missing out on the gameroom:

You can also extract the gameroom model & textures from the zip-file and import them into the table. It works!


In case someone is having trouble doing that, send me a  message on the Gopinball forums & I'll gladly help you out!

Gimli on 2019-04-29
Table version : 1.0

Very well done !

Thank you 

francisco666 on 2019-04-28
Table version : 1.0

Many thanks for the table, plays great and looks awesome

godisnothere on 2019-04-27
Table version : 1.0

I can't seem to get a backglass just a black screen this is the only table doing this for me, Can someone please help me?

Chupathingy on 2019-04-27
Table version : 1.0

This table looks and sounds great. I don't get a backglass though. This is the only table that does this, please advise.

bundao on 2019-04-27
Table version : 1.0

Bela mesa!!!

Nitronimbus on 2019-04-26
Table version : 1.0

Excellent!!!, Dynamic flippers, bounce control, ball rolling sounds, music, sound effects, animations and the graphics, lighting and models are awesome. Fun game play and a very well designed table, one of the best origanals I have played. Thankyou!!!

collieindigo on 2019-04-26
Table version : 1.0

Sehr schöner Pinball Tisch. Die Grafik, die Details, das Gameplay und die Sounds sind grossartig.

Ich hoffe wir sehen noch mehr von Dir. Smile

Vielen Dank für dieses tolle Spiel

Thanks for this superb table.

police99 on 2019-04-26
Table version : 1.0


LadyScarlett01 on 2019-04-26
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

fuzzi23 on 2019-04-25
Table version : 1.0

WOW! This table is amazing. What a nice original. Thank you sergiosalaman. :D

Table detail

FUTURAMA 1.0 stats


- 1 player

- Desktop mode

- Dynamic Flippers (BAM version 1.4-233 or later)

- Custom Game Room

- HUD Toggle

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex