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adamsmith0444 on 2019-10-17
Table version : MOD 2.0

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devinsmith0444 on 2019-10-15
Table version : MOD 2.0

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starac on 2019-10-13
Table version : MOD 2.0

Tnx man...

djlunchbox on 2019-10-10
Table version : MOD 2.0

Thank you!! Amazing work. I had been struggling on the previous releases with the physics. This is an awesome upgrade. 

I did delete the lighting script for now since I'm using Terry Red's lighting configuration which is darker but shines so much better. Can't wait for your next updates! 

stargazer16 on 2019-10-10
Table version : MOD 2.0

Thank You Pink Floyd is our favorite table!

Keep up the great work.

Nitronimbus on 2019-10-10
Table version : MOD 2.0

I will start working on Pink Floyd MOD 2.0, I want to do a much better table than last time so it will be at least a week or two before release, cheers!

police99 on 2019-10-09
Table version : MOD 2.0


LadyScarlett01 on 2019-10-09
Table version : MOD 2.0

merci bien.

Table detail

Metallica MOD 2.0 stats

byfrancisco666, Nitronimbus, SLAMT1LT homepage

Hi All,

MOD for Metallica hope you enjoy it, cheers!

MOD 2.0

Dynamic Flippers, Ambient Lighting, Shadow Maps, Dynamic Lighting, Ball Rolling Sounds, Flipper Textures and Ball Textures


 4  Player DMD with Animated Coin In, Push Start, Shoot Again, Extra Ball, Score Entry and Score Background. 

 Physics is in the script, so no need for separate XLM files.

Added Ball Saver

Movie Player

Flames and lightning Animations



This table will not work without the latest version of BAM.

It is required for the Dynamic lighting. Download the latest BAM and replace the BAM.dll file in the BAM folder. I have included the BAM file needed, or just wait until the next BAM release.

For some reason on the first load up the table doesn't recognise the Ambient lighting settings. Just open the table let it load the Shadow maps, close table and open again and your good to Go!! You only need to do this once.


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