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mifyusafyu on 2021-05-26
Table version : MOD 2.1

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uptown47 on 2020-08-18
Table version : MOD 2.1

Anyone know why this table crashes on start up... the voice over manages to say "Let's" and then it crashes. I turned off Playfield Reflections and Mirror Ball and it started up. Then I re-enabled them to see which one caused the issue and it crashed on each one AND when they are both off now??

Anyone any ideas what could be the issue? I've got lots of other tables working so there's nothing fundamentally wrong. The BAM Crash log is beyond my ability to read?

kolkata on 2019-12-01
Table version : MOD 2.1

This Table makes my TOP 5, guess because I am a fan of the movie but it also has great game play and design.

JIPAR knows how to tell a story with his tables. But I always found it nearly impossible to complete because it would always reset at loss of ball and if you didn't drop all the targets, you would have to start again. Not anymore the table does not reset and keeps the hit targets down, this means if your playing with more than one player you have your own score but work together to complete the table. I know this is not normal but fun none the less. I actually finished this table a couple of days ago but have since seen SLAMT1LT is also incorperating a CO-OP mode into some of his tables. I think it is a great idea!!  Although he gives both options so you can go it alone if you want, I have no idea how to do that, so it is what it is. Check out all his tables they are works of art.

dtigrou24 on 2019-11-17
Table version : MOD 2.1


Line error 456  "mismatch"

police99 on 2019-11-07
Table version : MOD 2.1


coach on 2019-11-06
Table version : MOD 2.1

Line error 456  "mismatch"

Table detail

Dolly Parton MOD 2.1 stats

byklodo81, Nitronimbus
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number698

Hi All,

Another MOD for Dolly Parton hope you enjoy it, cheers!


MOD 2.1

No real changes hopefully a fix for those having issues.



This table will not work without the latest version of BAM or Script Folder.

It is required for the Dynamic lighting. Download the latest BAM and replace the BAM.dll file in the BAM folder. I have included the BAM.dll version 265 file needed, or just wait until the next BAM release.

I have also included a Scripts Folder this needs to be placed in the Future Pinball Folder not BAM folder.

Do not put the ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs with the table file it can cause errors.


MOD 2.0

New:  Playfield, Backglass and Plastics


Dynamic Flippers, Ambient Lighting, Shadow Maps, Dynamic Lighting, Ball Rolling Sounds, Flipper Textures, Ball Textures, Sounds and 20+ Pink Floyd songs


4  Player DMD with Animated Coin In, Push Start, Shoot Again, Extra Ball, Score Entry and Score Background. DMD colour is now in script.


Physics is in the script, so no need for separate XLM files.

Added 5 balls and Ball Saver, This table is fast!!!

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