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oceanpearl on 2021-08-04
Table version : MOD 2.2

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pincrazy on 2021-04-01
Table version : MOD 2.2

I love this table but as the PF lights show up and the multiball is ON, the table freeze and became unplayeble, back to normal as the multiball finish. 

I have no problem with Jaws Pin-Event and without any FP--BAM table during multiball etc ...


My PC cabs specs are: i5 7 th gen, 16 GB DDr 4, GPU GTX 1070 Ti 8GB,SSD.


Please let me know something how to resolve. 


SammyJenkis01 on 2020-08-20
Table version : MOD 2.2

It's official - we're getting one for This table is such a good buy, especially if you take into account it's amazing lighting system.

Opaloole on 2020-06-16
Table version : MOD 2.2

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diplo777 on 2020-06-08
Table version : MOD 2.2

This table is nuts! Wohoo!! Wide Fit Knee High Boots

Chris889 on 2020-06-08
Table version : MOD 2.2

Wow! This is classic.  Love how they revamp the looks. 

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KaiGrimmett on 2020-05-15
Table version : MOD 2.2

Pink Floyd mod 2.1, I am using and i am so glad to see that its upgraded version is now available in the market. And they offer assignment masters review to understudies to manage quality assignment easily. But the thing that this table will not work without the Bam is quite good. Because it is so secure.

GeorgeH on 2020-05-05
Table version : MOD 2.2



You need to delete one line of code and the table will work.  Search the script for 



and delete the line.


jbsbeach on 2020-03-01
Table version : MOD 2.2

I love this table but I too keep geting the script error Script error Line 247, variable is undefined "incrementaljackpot'.  has there been a fix to this? 

zulu on 2020-02-24
Table version : MOD 2.2

Eu recebo o mesmo erro

script Linha 247


OldSchool4 on 2019-11-17
Table version : MOD 2.2

Had the same error,went back to vers 2.1

BeachBum TN on 2019-11-09
Table version : MOD 2.2

I received the same error three_views mentioned: Script error Line 247, variable is undefined "incrementaljackpot'.  Great looking table however!

three_views on 2019-11-07
Table version : MOD 2.2

I'm not sure what triggers it, but after a few minutes of play, I get the following error:

Script Error: Line 247 (when I got a multiball Line 235 also came up)
Variable is undefined: 'Incrementarjackot'

Also, the cabinet side art shows Metallica.

Any help would be much appreciated!

police99 on 2019-11-07
Table version : MOD 2.2


Table detail

Pink Floyd MOD 2.2 stats

byfrancisco666, Nitronimbus, SLAMT1LT homepage

Hi All,

MOD for Pink Floyd hope you enjoy it, cheers!


MOD 2.2

Hopefully a fix for those having issues.

Fixed Multiball sometimes sending out too many balls

Fixed some music volumes

Added table side art



This table will not work without the latest version of BAM or Script Folder.

It is required for the Dynamic lighting. Download the latest BAM and replace the BAM.dll file in the BAM folder. I have included the BAM.dll version 265 file needed, or just wait until the next BAM release.

I have also included a Scripts Folder this needs to be placed in the Future Pinball Folder not BAM folder.

Do not put the ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs with the table file it can cause errors.


MOD 2.1

New:  Playfield, Backglass and Plastics

Dynamic Flippers, Ambient Lighting, Shadow Maps, Dynamic Lighting, Ball Rolling Sounds, Flipper Textures , Ball Textures, Sounds and 25 Pink Floyd Songs.

 4  Player DMD with Animated Coin In, Push Start, Shoot Again, Extra Ball, Multiball, Score Entry and Score Background. 

 Physics is in the script, so no need for separate XLM files.

Added Ball Saver

Movie Player

Flames and lightning Animations


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