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Table (1.04) 3 in 1 Table (1.04) 3 in 1 stats

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TOWER on 2016-06-06
Table version : Rapid Loader

ahhh es increible esto !! el mismo sonido de kit y la musica , fabuloso felicitaciones al creador !!! Wink

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-09-26
Table version : Rapid Loader

merci bien.

gellijack on 2014-05-27
Table version : Rapid Loader


Magic-Pibnall on 2013-05-22
Table version : Rapid Loader

Hi Rom, this is a absolite fantzstic Table, now, really one of my favorites. I love it. I set the ledwiz code, now its fantastic to play. thank you so much for such a cool original table, Awesome Work. Can't stop playing. Cool

baddog992 on 2013-04-18
Table version : Rapid Loader

I enjoyed the sounds and sights of the this game. However when you lock a ball its spits it back at you and will always drain down the left lane. Good game however.

KnightChatX on 2013-04-10
Table version : Rapid Loader

This is an awesome table it's very well designed/balanced both in look and feel for how the gameplay is, as well as the theme, after playing many tables this is one of my favorites.

LeanderL on 2013-03-27
Table version : Rapid Loader

Great, I was so happy when the truck opened and I locked some balls. :)

After playing 40 tables yours is still one of my favourites. Pursuit Mode made me jump around...So much dedication and love in a table...two thumbs up!

ollium on 2013-03-06
Table version : Rapid Loader

Amazing Table ... hope it get optimized for Physics 2.5

senhordd on 2013-02-26
Table version : Rapid Loader

marvelous Cool

GDZ on 2013-01-05
Table version : Rapid Loader

My fave! Really good job.

jasonsmith on 2012-11-20
Table version : Rapid Loader

Just fricken amazing. Oh does this bring back memories. 

rebooter on 2012-10-26
Table version : Rapid Loader

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

pinbwiz on 2012-10-16
Table version : Rapid Loader

Thanks for offering a faster way to play! I can play all versions, HQ, low, and rapidload, but these are a welcome to my collection when I'm impatient to wait for the load time. GREAT JOB!Cool

Basspartout on 2012-10-15
Table version : Rapid Loader

Awesome table!! Pure Fun!

eric1 on 2012-09-20
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

excelent table, really good job,

stern should propose a job to you with this kind of realisation ;-)))

fulltilt on 2012-09-13
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

wow! amazing ty :)

yoyo93 on 2012-09-09
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition

Superbe,on pourrais meme croire que ce flipper est tout droit sortie de chez stern !!!

pinballwizz on 2012-09-02
Table version : Best of, 2nd Edition


shinobi2012 on 2012-08-12
Table version : 1.04

ext doesnow,awsome

police99 on 2012-08-06
Table version : 1.04


Sebek74 on 2012-07-27
Table version : 1.04

Really involving table. Great layout & great music. Lack of DMD animations, that's the only thing I will recommend to improve.

player on 2012-07-14
Table version : 1.04

SmileSmileSmilemaneiro !

multivas on 2012-07-12
Table version : 1.04

Hi Good Job

I have a problem

script error: Line1240

Dpassement de capacit: 'nvScore'

jklm3p2001 on 2012-07-11
Table version : 1.04

Great Realization!

lasteverball on 2012-07-11
Table version : 1.04


moog on 2012-07-09
Table version : 1.04

A masterpiece

pinball666 on 2012-07-08
Table version : 1.04

Cool Nice table

arris on 2012-07-08
Table version : 1.04

good job, need some dmd animation, aniway is a very cool table

goldorak33 on 2012-07-05
Table version : 1.04

Super ambiance et très agréable à jouer!

lybra on 2012-07-04
Table version : 1.04

Thanks! Superb!Wink

mornon on 2012-07-03
Table version : 1.04

fantastick!!!Thanks rom

pinjunkie on 2012-07-03
Table version : 1.04

Great Job !Cool

Coaster on 2012-07-03
Table version : 1.04

Great table. Already in my favorites folder.

njtxus on 2012-07-03
Table version : 1.04

this is awesome! love knight rider!

Murdah on 2012-07-03
Table version : 1.04

Awsome like a kick back in time in HD Keep em coming 

BernieGeorge on 2012-07-02
Table version : 1.04

On the way to my favorites, thank you.

alien9 on 2012-07-02
Table version : 1.04

j'aime le style des pinballs de ROM

ma famille joue direct Wink

Table detail

Knight Rider RAPID LOAD Rapid Loader stats


Original table based on the tv series KNIGHT RIDER featuring a jumping and transforming KITT toy, a mini playfield to start the modes and a truck that opens and closes to lock the balls.


NEW: Added a version that loads in 8 seconds. You will barely notice any changes on the table. Try it and decide for yourself!!!

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