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hamishheney5 on 2020-08-13
Table version : 2.3

Specially raised bezels shields the screen while safely lifting away from flat surfaces. red pepper case

Bendo on 2020-05-07
Table version : 2.3

Love the table, but after the last ball the table stops. Doesn't allow you to put in your score, won't allow you to start another game. You have to exit and start again???


GeorgeH on 2020-05-04
Table version : 2.2



The download has a ZIP file that contains a custom ball.  Don't unzip it. You need to save the ZIP file with the same name as the table and save it to the same folder as the table




Table detail

Pink Floyd (DOFLINX) Cabinet 2.3 stats

byfrancisco666, Major Frenchy, Nitronimbus, SLAMT1LT homepage


This is a New Mod and the focus was to enable force feedback by coding it with DOFLInx. 

The table is loaded with cool effects and the Groundshaker effect is something like you never experienced before. 


This table is Designed to work with DOFLINX. See the info section.  Pinball cabinet users will probably want to move the Heads Up Display (HUD) to a location above the backbox to prevent it from being displayed.


New in this release 


Table studdering fix by GeorgeH ( Thank man )

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