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paul2 on 2021-04-06
Table version : Version 1.2

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Table version : Version 1.2

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GeorgeH on 2020-09-23
Table version : Version 1.2

Thanks Nitronimbus.  I like T2 also.

Nitronimbus on 2020-09-21
Table version : Version 1.2

Nice one George, I really like this table.

Your attention to the littlest details is outstanding, cheers!

TT11 on 2020-09-14
Table version : Version 1.1

EXCELLENT explanation George,  Keep up the great work,

Table detail

Road Girls - Desktop and DOFLinx MX Version 1.2 stats

byBlindMankind homepage , centinex, GeorgeH, Major Frenchy, senseless

*** Version 1.2 ***


I found a bug in the Road Girls, Version 1.1 menu. It doesn't display correctly but only appears when you play the table the first time (or delete the fpRam). Some of the menu selections would appear on the wrong menu. Like one of the options for the lighting might show up on the balls per game menu. I never deleted the fpRam file while testing the table so the bug did not appear until I added the menu to another table. It is fixed now.

I decided to reduce the size of the library for the Rock music version. I didn't realize how large it was until I posted it. I can't tell any difference in the sound quality.

I included all the libraries with the table so you only need to download one file now.

Be sure that you have the "DOFLinx.vbs" file in your scripts folder or you will get an error message. There are directions in the User Guide (PDF file) included in the download on how to set it up.




*** Version 1.1 ***


Blindmankind was probably the first table developer to provide some really sophisticated tables like this one.  Although this is an original table, it has game play like a commercially built table.  Road Girls has two unique captive balls.  One is at the top of the table.  When it is hit, the ball can travel through four lanes and then goes to a kicker where it returns to the original position.  The other captive ball holds the ball in play after you knock down 3 drop targets and go through the "Prison".  Then 2 drop targets pop up that hold the ball and a new ball is launched at the plunger.  How cool!


Blindmankind created a spectacular attract sequence.  The lights are coordinated with the music.  You really should wait about a minute before you press the start game key and not open the menu so you can watch it. 


Blindmankind originally set this table up to play Country music in the background while playing the game.  I am sure some of you don't like Country music so I created an alternate library file that has Rock music.  You can switch between the original Country music version and the Rock version by swapping libraries.   See the PDF file named "Road Girls 1.1 User Guide" in the download for more information. 


As I was working on this table, I kept adding more and more user selectable features.  I ended up having to use several different keyboard letter presses to access these selections.  I don't think anyone would be able to commit all of these to memory and the pinball cabinet guys have a limited number of keys available on their cabinets.  Luckily, Popotte was nice enough to allow me to use his menu system.  If you have played Popotte's tables, you will need to carefully read the main menu on this table because I made it work a bit differently. 


If you don't know what "DOFLinx MX" is from the title, it is the way that guys that have pinball cabinets drive lights, addressable LEDs, buzzers, shakers, blowers etc.  Even though this table has the coding for all that, you can still play it on a desktop by following my guide.  The download includes a file named "DOFLinx.vbs" that must be saved following the User Guide included in the download even if you aren't going to use the features.  If you do not have DOFLinx installed, you will receive an error message that states "Variable is undefined 'FF_Init' " and you win not be able to play the table. 


My primary objective on this table was to make it play equally well for both desktop and pinball cabinet users.  All of the game play indications that exist on the backglass are repeated on the Heads Up Display (HUD) or visible on the back wall. 


I have listed my other objectives for this table below, all of which have been completed.  You can read more about each item by clicking here.


1) Duplicate the segmented displays so that desktop and cab users don't have to move them back and forth between 2 positions.
2) Save as 1) but with the overlay for the speedometer.
3) Add game room floor and backwall.
4) Change black on white instruction cards on the apron to other colors.
5) Add the usual physics and lighting mod.
6) Modify the table loading screen for desktop users.
7) Add menu system.
8. Add HUD Toggle Key.
9) Add message that looks at BAM version.
10) Add a version with rock music.
11) Add shadow maps.
12) Add side rails.
13) Add multiplayer.
14) Add overlays for scores of the 4 players.


NOTE: This table uses Dynamic Flippers and Lighting that require use of BAM v1.4-267 (or later) to be installed which was released on November 9, 2019.  However, you will want to install the BAM v1.5-310 Beta version that I included in the download so you can see the improvements to the bumper.  See the User Guide in the download for more information. 


There is a download that has a version of this table for rotated display.  This version is intended to be used on a single monitor with a portrait orientation.  I have added a screenshot of it to the posting.  This version will not be useful on pinball cabinets or on PCs which have a normal landscape orientation.  The download includes a PDF file with directions on how to set up this version of the table. 


Working on this table has been a learning experience for me.  I have never added multiplayer to a table before and never added a menu.  I also added quite a bit more lighting than usual and even worked with Ravarcade to provide new lighting options for bumpers.  Adding the coding for lighting is rather tedious but making all the adjustments is a bit of an art.  I keep raising the bar on the objectives for tables so it took longer than normal (about 3 months).  I wouldn't have spent the time if the table wasn't worth it.  Blindmankind did an amazing job on the table.  I can't say I have ever seen a table with 36,000 lines of code until this one.  Then I added an additional 2500 lines of code.  This update brings the table up to current standards.  Oh and by the way if you are the sort of person that throws away instructions, you really do need to read the User Guide included in the download because it has information that I didn't post here.  I hope you enjoy Road Girls! 



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