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Aduke on 2020-10-31
Table version : 1.06

@BIL : Salut, je lui remets le bonjour dès que possible ;)

Oui, c'est une betise, je l'ai trouvée un peu par hasard, ce sera fix dans la prochaine version déjà.

For everyone, script Line 2258, you can rename "SuperPops" to "SuperPop" (without the S), problem solved. This will be fixed on next version.

BIL on 2020-10-31
Table version : 1.06

Salut Aduke, cher compatriote confné Wink, jai une erreur 2258 superpops,"variable n definie" c'est facile à corriger ?

Belle table Cool

Bonjour à papa VP8 Smile


Table detail

LesMills RPM 1.06 stats

byAduke homepage

LesMills RPM 1.06 is more a beta state than a finished one. This is the last pinball of the LesMills series.


Thanks to "BAM" for possibilities to make custom physics & bug fixes. Possible to play with it on this one, not the lastest version required, but stay up to date to be 100% sure.


Musics quality are downgraded to avoid problems :) . Of course, if you have it or want another one, be free to replace it

Something else we need to know before playing game?
 - The "S" key allow you to use the center button of the pinball.
 - 1 To 4 can play
 - 5 Balls per game by default (too hard on 3)
 - If ball is locked, a ball search is present (don't exit table)
 - Hold for instant info to know Current music title and artist (short part only, not the entire track is present)

I'm open for suggestion if it's interresting of course and if I got time, and tell me if you're victim of a bug or something wrong/not normal to happend. An update will come.

Pour information, je parle aussi Francais si vous préférez ;)

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