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Mosfekun on 2022-05-13
Table version : v1.3

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tipovetipovet471 on 2022-05-13
Table version : v1.3

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geraldrunnells on 2021-12-27
Table version : v1.3

Where do I make the adjustments to get the DMD working on the backglass?  I have a 2 screen setup.

djmdesign on 2021-04-20
Table version : v1.3

any way to get camera follow to work.

this is the only table that wont scroll ??



zomer on 2021-03-19
Table version : v1.3

Works ok, but still too dark.

And it's frustrating that a lot of balls (almost all) go out very fast down the middle w/o warning.

Sztupy on 2021-03-13
Table version : v1.3


The shapest table on HD screen, can't wait to see it in 4K

Works fine ! Laughing

You need the latest ravarcade BAM v.1.5-327 

jackiabu on 2021-03-05
Table version : v1.3

Thanks ...but no DMD? Cry

drexhc on 2021-03-05
Table version : v1.3

cant insert coin to start.

swann on 2021-03-04
Table version : v1.3

Run FPLoader as Administrator and it will probally fix the coin insert from not working.

joe lark on 2021-03-03
Table version : v1.3

v1.3 cant insert coin to start.

I get no errors 

Thanks for this great table




vkdawg on 2021-02-27
Table version : v1.2 blackout realy fix!!!

How do I DISABLE the day/night settings????  I can't find it for the life of me in the script, but this table is unplayable for me at night because it automatically switches to "Dark Night" settings in BAM, and I can't play it.  Please let us DISABLE this feature.  I DON'T want my lighting auto-adjusted based on the time of day.

ludespeedny on 2021-02-20
Table version : v1.2 blackout realy fix!!!

Awesome table, but I have issues with the playfield image not loading. Seems to resolve itself it I do not have steam open. Only table that does this. Not sure if that is enough to go on.

envisaged0ne on 2021-02-19
Table version : v1.2 blackout realy fix!!!

I'm also getting a script error 18129.  I also got a script error with version 1.1.  I hope the creators actually read our comments and fix this

Maxxyjunior on 2021-02-19
Table version : v1.2 blackout realy fix!!!

i receive a script 18129 error...why? for 1.2 version of the table. I have the last version of FP with BAM. I have moved all the files on the relative directory.

Bigsession on 2021-02-17
Table version : open beta 1.0-rc1(fixed)

in order to fix the  table does not work script error 4349 mismatch sound balls , you need to put al the file in teh same folder . What I mean is the main symbol that looks like a pop bumber and all of the audi file in teh same fiolder. then when u open it will work 



napadsky on 2021-02-14
Table version : open beta 1.0-rc1(fixed)



ronaldvg on 2021-02-11
Table version : open beta 1.0-rc1(fixed)

@Bendo: go in the editor to the screen with the backglass on it. There are 2 DMD's. Klik on the top one (MyDMD) and rename to MyDMD1. Then click the second DMD on the bottom (MyDMDxxxx) and rename to MyDMD then save and start.

jmohnet on 2021-02-10
Table version : open beta 1.0-rc1(fixed)

error fixed with this version 1.0B, superb Thank you very muchSmile, just not very readable at the pinball level

Bendo on 2021-02-09
Table version : open beta 1.0-rc1(fixed)

Table plays great on my Cab, but even after reading the readme, I can't get the score to show up on the BG, LCD- DMD or even on the PF. Can anyone give me more exact step by step instructions to get the DMD to diplay. Thanks


indyrhet on 2021-02-09
Table version : open beta 1.0-rc1

Yes, error for me also at line 657.

LeeJLFC on 2021-02-02
Table version : open beta 0.92

Cant get this to run theres a error

clauderisdj on 2021-02-02
Table version : open beta 0.92

Hello. What an excellent job, congratulations. Have you thought about recreating Sega's Space Jam table? I dream of having this table for FP.

paalberto on 2021-02-01
Table version : open beta 0.92

Siempre genial JPS un maestro y ahora en FPinball,OHHH.Te aburriste de VPX o necesitabas más?.Llevo muchos años de pinbalero.Soy de Euskadi.En VPForums también coincidimos.Que más necesitas,AVATAR.Mayor y nostalgico?

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GeorgeH on 2021-01-29
Table version : open beta 0.92

This is a nicely built table.  It looks finished to me and not sure why you posted it as a beta.  It plays well.  

TerryRed on 2021-01-28
Table version : open beta 0.92

Great work on this smoke! Looks great... plays great (and hard like the real table). The immensly long time it takes to make code from scratch for tables like this is greatly appreciated.

Note: New upload has corrected table script with proper vbs file to match.

Nitronimbus on 2021-01-26
Table version : open beta 0.92

 I could not imagine how long this masterpiece has taken to create. All your tables are exactly that, masterpieces. Thankyou so much for sharing your work and in my mind saving FP. Some of us just MOD to hopefully save the hobby, but this is what keeps it alive. I am certain FP will be on more PC's and cabinets because of this table. Awesome!!!Cool

ronald71 on 2021-01-24
Table version : open beta 0.92

WoW Great work!!!

Nice table there is future for future pinball


Champ on 2021-01-24
Table version : open beta 0.92

Hi all, a quick question . Is this table for Cabinet only? I am in desktop mode and it crashes as soon as the loading screen ends. I followed all instructions and have the latest bam update.


SLAMT1LT on 2021-01-23
Table version : open beta 0.92

Holy Smoke!  What an achievement this is.  Very well done Smoke and JP!  I've played the real machine many times, and only played the Pinball Arcade digital version.  Having this game in Future Pinball is just amazing. 

joeplainfield64 on 2021-01-22
Table version : open beta 0.91

This is very nicely done, Thank you. Thanks to Terry and all for the help avoiding s few small pitfalls. 

cestmoi on 2021-01-21
Table version : open beta 0.91

Avec la Patch je n ai plus de problème merci beucoup


Aie après plusieurs essais l erreur ligne 2938 réapparaît ..

A suivre 


Cette fois tout va tres bien avec la solution Terry Red et Shoe71

Merci super table !!


J ai ce message qui empeche de jouer

erreur ligne 632

type incompatible

metalguidehitbox hauteur

BAM à jours fichiers bien placés ou il faut

Merci si solution

toujours même erreur 

je suis un ecran

mike21878 on 2021-01-20
Table version : open beta 0.91

Found the DMD answer on FB. Amazing work. Thanks!

marty02 on 2021-01-19
Table version : open beta

Trés belle table superbe et jouable bravo pour cette version future pinball. un travail de pro merci

ravjee on 2021-01-19
Table version : open beta

Wow!! amazing table. if i nudge the table the stay puft marshmallow man wobbles! fantastic playfield and sounds. Thank you sooo much.



DrRetro on 2021-01-19
Table version : open beta

Great job guys! Fabulous! Thanks.

Where do I change the DMD settings for 2 screen users?

elvin684 on 2021-01-19
Table version : open beta

UPDATE Fixed: As TerryRed and Shoe71 suggested, I copied back my old rolling sounds vbs file.  Then renamed the vbs file from this table and then went into the script to match the new name and now I don't get error 632. 


I'm also getting the 632 error.  I grabbed the latest BAM (BAM version: v.1.5-325).  I also tried the files from each of the rar files; is there a reason why there are two rar files which seem to be the same?  Maybe that's where I'm making a mistake.


Shoe71 on 2021-01-19
Table version : open beta

looks like I had an older ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs in my tables folder for some reason. When I removed that the Script error line 632 went away. This is a very cool table thanks for the hard work.

byrneaar on 2021-01-18
Table version : open beta

no matter how many times I extract the files and follow the instructions I still get script error for line 632

oddtoddy on 2021-01-18
Table version : open beta

Thanks PEandS1Ws, it works perfectly!

bendermaster on 2021-01-18
Table version : open beta

 Lamentablemenmte sale error de SCRIPT (2938). Será por tener la última versión de BAM? Cuando se arregle ese error será una mesa soberbia!! Gran trabajo.

wild on 2021-01-18
Table version : open beta

Yes, are right, and tables as  "you" say, them are appreciated,obviously..while other tables like mine, for example, they suck! and do not deserve your, for this table.

CHEELIOS on 2021-01-18
Table version : open beta

Funciona con BAMv1.5-290 Con otras versiones superiores no funciona bien y sale error.

PEandS1Ws on 2021-01-18
Table version : open beta

Script Error line 632

If I comment it out the table will load but no DMD appears and I get another error soon after launching the ball


you must properly install all the library files (*.fpl) to your FuturePinball\Libraries folder... and you MUST copy over the ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs to your FuturePinball\Scripts. Be sure you keep the xml file named the same as the table (and it's in the Tables folder with the table) as that is setup for smoke's physics.

2 screen users must also change the DMDxxxx to DMD and DMD to DMD1 so the DMD displays properly.  

markjen on 2021-01-18
Table version : open beta

Table looks great, but cannot get the table to scroll with the ball movement..... Is that possible with this table?


Table detail

Ghostbusters (Stern) v1.3 stats

byJPSalas, smoke
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerStern Pinball, Incorporated (1999-NOW), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number6333


You need the latest version of BAM to play this table V327 or newer:


you need to download both files:

ghostbusters_table_sounds-libs*****.rar   and    ghostbusters_table_main****.rar

you must extract first ghostbusters_table_sounds-libs*****.rar  

and then ghostbusters_table_main****.rar  (click yes to overwrite existing files)


If you don't like the day/night light effect just edit the ZBRrollingballsoundslibGB.vbs

and search for   --->   sub DayNightLightUpdate

and add exit sub

like this


sub DayNightLightUpdate
dim tmpInterpol
exit sub





'This pinball is based on JP salas ghostbuster table code (and a little bit tweaked).

'original JP salas version can be found here ->


'This table is free to be edited/modded/published as my others tables.

'@slamtilt I love your works on your special version of this table




'Don't forget that this table needs BAM to fully working!!!!

'you can get it here ->




'to have the DMD working on the backglass do the following respecting the order:

'    1/delete HUD DMD

'    2/rename the backglass DMD into ->"MyDmd"




'-fix left and right scoop releasing the ball when they should not

'-N.R.O.E.A.  less rewarding

'-right loop oneway gate tuning




'-fixe for day night blackout

'-flash effect when loosing at N.R.O.E.A.




'-fixe the orbits gates behavior with some flipper configuration

'-new day/night light transition (between 7-8 am and 7-8 pm)

'-new slimer lighting

'-change slingshot behaviour depending of the situation (inspired by slamtilt mod of this table)




'-added some light & flashers show effects

'-added static table reflect in the ball

'-fix slimed playfield error count

'-reworked appron 3D+textures

'-ADDED hecto goggles DMD + led when activated

'-thinking about to add Halloween+midnight events (if I've the time....)




'-separated sound fx vbs script to avoid any conflict with my other tables until I publish my updated version of xmen/wc94/totan ....

'-libs and table files are in 2 separated rar files ( is limited to 200 meg files)

' in general case only the main table file should be updated between release.




'some fixes....I don't remember....




'first public beta release


Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex