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scarsoul on 2018-06-28
Table version : 2.5

Nice table But i got the same error when i play meditation error script error 1555 odefinierad varabel : M1 count. And it hangs up. Any solution?


LadyScarlett01 on 2014-08-17
Table version : 2.5

merci bien.

ghostmachine on 2014-07-16
Table version : 2.5

good game. 


mr.allen619 on 2014-05-15
Table version : 2.5

A very nice and easy table to play. But I sometimes get an error during multi ball and when two balls go up the ramp that plays the "Song of Stroms." Its some m1 error or something on command line 1555. Anyway i can fix it? But other than that this table is great!

Hemp316 on 2013-10-23
Table version : 2.5

Great Table.Love the Layout Alot and you can tell you put great effort into it.Sorry I can't score it higher,however I did did stuck in one place repeatedly and 'Nudge' did not unlodge the Ball.Other than that this is A fantastic Table.

Jasonpimp131 on 2013-10-14
Table version : 2.5

Very nice work with this table


kaz321123 on 2013-07-24
Table version : 2.5

Amazing table!  I love the concept of beating the enemies in front of the castle-and then making your way into the castle.  I thought I got close to getting the 'triforce'.  Awesome fun-thanks so much for making this!

Escorpion21 on 2013-07-01
Table version : 2.5

Table version : 1.1

Good table. good game and good sound. Very good job. Cool

koolbrez67 on 2013-06-28
Table version : 2.5

I really like this table the music is great and I can get a ton of play time.Laughing

angelgargola on 2013-06-27
Table version : 2.5

i get pinball meditation error some variable is undefined or something.

drink5 on 2013-06-20
Table version : 2.5

good job! ^__^

JoeCat on 2013-03-17
Table version : 1.1

Well done! Love opening the castle! Great sound and visuals! Having lots of fun with this table! 

AlSwearengen on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.1

a real nice table, very good playable...but, every time the ball changed 2 times the colour and goes up in the middle...nothing happens, the ball's away and I can't do


that's way I only gave 2 stars...sorry 

LoadedWeapon on 2013-03-05
Table version : 1.1

@AlSwearengen can you explain the prob a little more? What do you mean nothing happens? ball stuck/lost? you shake the table? If it goes up the middle there are 2 paths right side goes to triforce pieces collect 3 then 4th time to assemble. 4 ball color changes. Then you go left to save princess zelda and get 5 ball multiball after all is completed. If there is a bug please try to detail it thanks... LoadedWeapon

momoch on 2013-03-04
Table version : 1.1

Thanks for this update. It's a nice original table.

Br0ck_71 on 2013-03-04
Table version : 1.1

Fun table, thanks!

massico88 on 2013-03-04
Table version : 1.1

Bravo, I really enjoy play this pinball !!


Thank you.

police99 on 2012-09-03
Table version : 1.0


Bermon on 2012-09-02
Table version : 1.0

A really good table. Add a few more bits of music and you've nailed it :-)

BIL on 2012-09-02
Table version : 1.0

Welcome  LoadedWeapon Wink.. Good first (mod) table 

Table detail

Legend Of Zelda 2.5 stats

byLoadedWeapon, Roney Pinball homepage

Ok this is an update to my Legend of Zelda table completely optimized for 2.5..


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