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WalterOlson on 2019-04-13
Table version : 1.7

Actually, a lot of the people know about it. And you can find some the additional information at  if you really need it. Just let me know and I'll share even more sources with you!

miownkhan on 2017-12-12
Table version : 1.7

Nice little demo table.


police99 on 2013-07-01
Table version : 1.7


twentydegree on 2012-12-04
Table version : 1.7

Thank's for your vote. Yes its rare that you seen in FP tables this kind of interactivity as the snowman. It's hard for me to understand Dmd and yes the table miss some content.


I have downloaded Trick or Treat that Sebek74 suggested to me to see the scripting and the Dmd. I try to do as best as i can. If you click on: "aimelesrondes" to see my other previous FP, you'll notice my creations, and if you download them you'll notice also my progress in scripting and others.


Still i need peoples help, to teach me to progress. Not only by giving me there script. But copy and paste wont make me learn and understand. That's why i ask also to understand and do some experiments and errors to progress bit by bit.


I try to understand as best as i can. But most of you had some kind of formations or haved learn in some programming school. Me i did not have this education, so i advance more slowly then other peoples. At leass i have fiew peoples that help me to progress. Thank's for all of you. I really appreciate your time.


It would be great if some of you at Gopinball that see the Merry Christmas. And would give me little free courses. Like teach me about object, events, variables, scripting and by doing some table experiences.


The Merry Christmas is the only first published table; that i have created 3d models with free full unlimited softwares. Like the snowman, the sugar canes, the christmas presents. I even had no 3d school formations. Thinking as so, even if i advance very slowly; i and you can imagine the full potentials that i can have and reach.


Thank's again for your time and help. Merry Christas and Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones A+.

skolomir on 2012-12-04
Table version : 1.7

Good and original idea. I liked part when snowman throw snowball to your face and after that you have illusion of broken monitor glass. You tried to achive some kind of interactivity, something what we rarely can see in another fp tables. 3D animation with snowman cuts, can be be without cutting?


Continue to improve, maybe, by my opinion, you have more than enough white area, put some toys. Maybe some dot matrix is good idea, too, or intro. Don't listen to me, it is only my opinion. And, of course,  Marry Christmas..

Table detail

Merry Christmas 1.7 stats


Here is the Merry Christmas FuturePinball. It include a list of 9 christmas musics; when the 9 musics has been played it return back to the first music.

It say also the time, month, day, year of the computer.

It show the last 4 players score points of the last game at the beginning; and show at the end the new score points for the 4 players when a game is finished.

It is an original idea of a lady that i know, that said to me: why dont you create a Merry Christmas Future Pinball? So i have put in it some 3d models toys, lights and others that ive created, designed, modeled, texture and programmed.

In this version i have replaced the Disp Seg to a HudDmd

I hope that you'll like this Future Pinball game. This game would not be possible without the help of some peoples, that taken there time to explain me fiew things about programmation and modeling.

Have fun !!

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