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kaz321123 on 2013-07-25
Table version : 0.75

I love your table man-all the sound effects are fun to listen to!  Please keep making tables.  Perhaps keep going with your craft and either improve this street fighter table or make a totally new one.  Awesome work-I will be looking forward to more tables from you in the future!

Someday I wish someone would recreate the street fighter 2 table from the arcades for Future Pinball-perhaps you could do this?  Support 100%!

police99 on 2012-12-08
Table version : 0.75


gellijack on 2012-12-07
Table version : 0.75

I'm a newby and I'm blown away by ALL the tables. You guys are incredible and well done for your fine table

rebooter on 2012-12-06
Table version : 0.75

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

momoch on 2012-12-06
Table version : 0.75

Congratulations for your 1st table

Oraclus on 2012-12-06
Table version : 0.75

for a 1st timer: 5stars!

meliane39 on 2012-12-06
Table version : 0.75

qelqe imperfctions graphique sinon genialLaughing

Table detail

Street fighter: Nasty Edition 0.75 stats


This is my first table, hope your enjoy it.

It's steel miss a lot of stuff, like lights, multiball, etc...

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