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Liyo36 on 2019-11-08
Table version : 0.99

hola muy divertida esta mesa nunca la podria tener fisicamente de esta manera estoy muy agradecido a los creadores gracias de verdad

Doug Maul on 2018-05-26
Table version : 0.99

Great table. Would you consider doing other 80's films. Thanks!

The Lost Boys (1987)

Young Guns (1988)

Buckaroo Banzai (1984)

Caddyshack (1980)

... there's a bunch more.

LadyScarlett01 on 2018-05-21
Table version : 0.99

merci bien.

oceanmist on 2018-05-15
Table version : 0.99

I love this table,so much,many thanks

RingMaster on 2016-12-25
Table version : 0.99

Really nice ! Thanks ! Cool

Turk182es on 2016-12-21
Table version : 0.99

Hi, nice table but score only work for Player one scrore for the other players. Is this can be fix ?

knightrdrx on 2015-02-14
Table version : 0.99

I love this table but has anyone noticed some sort of small moving video artifact on the left side..a pixelating small image? I can't explain it

pinballjunkie1 on 2014-07-04
Table version : 0.99

This is a great table! Brings back a lot of fun memories! One question though, for some reason I can't get the DMD on the back glass to display. Am I missing something? Keep up the great work! It's much appreciated :)

Hemp316 on 2013-10-23
Table version : 0.99

It crashed and crashed and crashed some more....too bad...

llab87JPI on 2013-05-30
Table version : 0.99

Table version : 0.99

I had the same problem with it crashing on the loading screen.  Change the model quality to high in prefrences/video rendering, then the goonies should work.  I LOVE this table!

crispy80 on 2013-04-06
Table version : 0.99

Love the table, Thanks for the work!  One problem though, ball keeps getting stuck in data scoop..any advice?

power_lord on 2013-01-10
Table version : 0.99

Top pinball table !!!   Laughing

The atmosphere soaks you up !!!  Cool

ImpulsE69 on 2013-01-09
Table version : 0.99

Amazing table. Thank you very much!

lasteverball on 2013-01-08
Table version : 0.99


system11 on 2012-12-24
Table version : 0.99

Seems to always crash Future Pinball when I try to start this table - any ideas?

lecigalois on 2012-12-23
Table version : 0.99

Merci à  winehouse,

J'ai trouvé la solution...

La table est superbe...Meilleurs Voeux...


toyotaboy on 2012-12-22
Table version : 0.99

So awesome... Been reading the threads on the making of this, you put a LOT of work into it, great job!

funloving on 2012-12-22
Table version : 0.99

good job!!!!! thanksWink

goldorak33 on 2012-12-21
Table version : 0.99

Je ne m' étais pas rendu compte mais c' est une variante de la deuxième table d' Indiana jones. Elle est sympa quand même!!!

BIL on 2012-12-20
Table version : 0.99

This table is a real delightSmileSmile
The realization is perfect, this is a very nice Christmas gift !
A big thank you to all four


@  winehouse et  lecigalois :

-Preferences- video/ rendering options- model quality (bottom right) checked on HIGH Wink


AncientTris on 2012-12-20
Table version : 0.99

great table, great theme... Thank you!

hawkshaw on 2012-12-20
Table version : 0.99

Thanks a lot BIL. FANTASTIC table. GREAT job Glxb, Highlnder00, Jpinsa, Shaderbytes

winehouse on 2012-12-20
Table version : 0.99

when i try to play the table loads up but then a black screen and hangs, does anyone know what can be? already tried to move the resolution but still did not work. thank's

gellijack on 2012-12-18
Table version : 0.99

Well made. Thank you all

momoch on 2012-12-18
Table version : 0.99

A big big big thank you and an enormous bravo at the realization's team. This fantastic orignal (re-creation) is sublime. really !

5 stars widely and more than deserved

alien9 on 2012-12-18
Table version : 0.99

superr coool :)

rebooter on 2012-12-18
Table version : 0.99


RedKing on 2012-12-17
Table version : 0.99

Hey jpinsa. Great table. Fantastic graphics and gameplay. Looking forward to ur next project.

To all of you involved, thanks a bunch. Been looking forward to seeing this table since I jpinsa mentioned it. Great work...LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

pinbwiz on 2012-12-17
Table version : 0.99

Great start to this Original Theme! Amazing artwork! Can't wait to ultimately play the final product in the future.  Looks promising to be a possible all time favorite. Love the nostalgic music & sounds.

urielll on 2012-12-17
Table version : 0.99 thx Guys,awesome table awesome crew!!!!!!


5 Stars x 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

jhendrix on 2012-12-17
Table version : 0.99

Table version : 0.99

Already at this stage a beautiful recreation! Marvellous and stellar work. Thank you so much.

On a different note: Is there any way to get into contact with the artist shaderbytes? Would love to ask him on a piece of advice.


Shaderbytes did the 3d model of the bone organ, you can pm him via gopinpall forums :-)

jogster on 2012-12-17
Table version : 0.99

Already at this stage a beautiful recreation! Marvellous and stellar work. Thank you so much.

On a different note: Is there any way to get into contact with the artist shaderbytes? Would love to ask him on a piece of advice.


lotharweber on 2012-12-17
Table version : 0.99

Thank you so much... Great Table

Table detail

The Goonies Pinball Adventure 0.99 stats

byGlxb, Highlnder00, Jpinsa, Shaderbytes

Overall Goal of the game is to complete The Goonies Motto "Never Say Die"

Skill Shot:

When a new ball starts the 5 lights under the plunger ramp will flash in sequence.
Launch the ball and when it passes under the Skill Shot sign, the current light will be awarded as follows:

This starts Sloth 2x scoring for 30 seconds, can also be started by spelling sloth at his targets. (Adds "N")

This start a hurry up mode where you have to get one of the balls in the Fratellis hideout into the kicker at the back  right of the hideout, can also be started by hitting the Fratellis hideout a few times. (Adds "E")

this lights the Data gadget award scoop, hit the scoop to get a randow reward. Can also be lit by spelling Data at his  targets.

Super Pops:
Starts the pop bumpers flashing for a higher value. Will end if a pop bumper is not hit for 10 seconds or you loose a  ball.

Open Trap:
This opens the captive ball trap to the right of Datas scoop. Lock 3 ball in here to start multiball. Can also be  opened by hitting the trap several times. Locking the first ball adds "E", Starting multiball adds "R"


Chunk Loop: This is the left orbit, each orbit lights an arrow when they are all lit Truffle Shuffle starts.

Truffle Shuffle: Each target is worth 50,000 points and a Chunk loop scores a Jackpot. Ends after 30 seconds or you loose a ball. Starting truffle shuffle adds "S"

Mikey Loop: This is the right orbit, each loop adds a Marble Bonus, with more loops scoring more points. Points are added on at the end of the ball. Resets for each ball.

Key Spinner: each spin adds akey bonus, bonus collected at end of ball

Doubloon Spinner: each spin adds a doubloon bonus, collet at end of ball

BAD Targets: Spell BAD in the Fratellis hideout to increase the Jackpot for other modes.

RICH Lanes: Spell RICH to increase the bonus multiplier. Resets for each ball.


Adds "V"
Spy Eyes: this set the bonus multiplier to max (10x)
Slick Shoes: this sets the jackpot score to max (10,000,000)
This is not a candle: shoot the ramp to score the current jackpot
Wings of Flight: Instant jackpot award
Sticky Dart: extra ball awarded
Pincers of peril: open trap
Bully Blinders: Starts Truffle shuffle
Bully Buster: adds 10,000 to marble bonus

Ramp Shot scores 5,000 for the first 10 shots, lights extra ball at 10 shots, worth 10,000 after that. Also adds a bonus award for the end of ball bonus.

Well Target (to the left of the bumpers, hit 3 times to add big points. Also adds time during timed modes.

Drop targets under bone organ, drop them all to open the wall under the bone organ. Get ball in there to start mode: (All modes light a letter towards NEVER SAY DIE)

Find the key, hit the left spinner to find the key (spinner must spin 20 times)
Boulders, hit loops to avoid the boulders.
Bone organ, hit the bone organ scoop 3 times to win.
Water slide, hit the ramp to slide.
Fight the Fratellis, hit the BAD targets to collect jackpots.

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex